Dear Martha Stewart,

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve got a “thing” with you.

The twitter name.

The blog name.

But how did this start?  The Martha thing.

I’ve always been creative.  As a child, I often would rearrange my room monthly and dream up new designs for it.  I also used to sew my own Barbie clothes.  I took shop class AND home economics in middle school.   Doing and creating has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.

Then I “met” you.

It was fall of ’94 and my future husband and I lived in an apartment.  A gross, roach infested, shady complex.  It was all we could afford at the time.  I made the most of it.  I hung pictures, new curtains, blinds and bleached all surfaces on the daily.

One day I was watching tv and the next show to come up was yours.  I don’t even recall what the name was then.  Living, with Martha Stewart?  I started watching the show and my head could not even keep up with what I was visually seeing.

WHO was this woman and HOW do I become her?

Then I bleached the couch.  Again.

At the end of the show it showed this magazine that I could subscribe to.


It was like I had hit the creative craft jackpot.

I called on the phone (isn’t that cute?) to subscribe immediately.

And then it began.

Seventeen years of Living magazine. November ’94 on the right. But you already knew that didn’t you?













Cooking, creating, and building all had a new energy in my life.

This new found love took many forms.  Hosting dinners, baking, wrapping beautiful packages, home decorating, gardening  and of course,  Halloween.

They became more than ideas in a magazine.

They became my life.    (cockroaches not included)

And you know what? It turns out I’m good. I’m really good. I often extend my skills out to family and friends and I don’t even ask for payment. Well. Maybe a pie IS excellent payment but I don’t ask. When something is your passion, you want to share. I answer any questions asked of me on the twitter. I help paint rooms, pick out décor, redo gardens, and spread Halloween spirit throughout my neighborhood.

Heck, I even had your hairdo at one point.

So after all this, how could you not want to meet me?

Sure you do.

Guess what? YOU CAN.

You and I will be at Blogher, New York in August.



So have your people call my people and we’ll make this happen.

22 thoughts on “Dear Martha Stewart,

  1. I spy a GORGEOUS garden! You really DO have a green thumb. Martha Stewart would love to meet you…but don't you think she comes across awfully…"uppity"?

    You better make sure and have this blog post on hand when you meet her so she can get the full effect of your craftiness!

  2. ho.lee.crap. LADY – you are AMAZING. I mean, I knew you were amazing, but these pics as proof of just how creative you are – totally rock my world. *sigh* I wish I had just a hint of your creativity. If Martha doesn't meet you, she's definitely on the losing end of things. (by the way, I really REALLY hope you do meet her! you'll rock her socks for sure!!)
    My recent post blessed, and thankful

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