What’s Blooming?

I thought I’d do a series of what is blooming in my garden weekly.

Who cares right?  Well.  I do.  Consider this my online garden journal.

Besides, you might see something you like so I’m going to go ahead and provide links to them as well.   That’s for you.  Because I care about your garden.  Unless it’s full of weeds, then I’m out.

Since the gardens are still pretty scarce you’re getting individual flowers this week.  As the season progresses, I’ll take more full garden pictures.

1) Tulip- Don Quichotte  2) Ajuga- Chocolate Chip  3) Perennial Geranium- Crainsbill  4) Grape Hyacinth  5) Daffodil- tete a tete  6) Iris  7) Pulmonaria- Raspberry Splash  8) Lilac bush



12 thoughts on “What’s Blooming?

    • Coral bells, hosta, astilbe, lungwort, dead nettle, maybe perennial geranium, foxglove, if it's part shade you have a lot more options.

    • I DO give consultations. :) You can either email me a picture or just ask me questions. Free of charge even. Cause I love gardens and want everyone to have a nice one. Trumpet vine is sort of invasive. In what area are you looking to put it?

  1. GORGEOUS! I’m in the process of preparing my garden. I had a horrendous time with weeds last year, so this year I’m getting rid of them before I plant. I want to plant some flowers but for me, spring means a new veggie garden!

    • If you've ever seen the newspaper trick, it REALLY works. Just put newspaper down, top with dirt and plant. Places I've used newspaper have fared better than that landscape cloth stuff which I will never use again.

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