Room to Grow

Today we went to kindergarten preview for my younger son.

My youngest son.

My last child to be in this position.

In some ways it’s been 5 million years to get to this point.  A rocky road filled with extended infant colic, state evaluations, allergies, his true Irish temper, and finally blossoming into this amazing loving child.

For me, I survived the colic, the psychosis,  the PTSD.  What followed was the rediscovery of myself, the patience and strength that have grown exponentially.

These events have shaped and made me who I am today.

And even so, I sit there in his future classroom.  Overwhelmed and yet excited for our future.  The challenges that have yet to come.  The unknown.

I know we can do this.  Him and I.  Because we have our past that bonds us through it all.





13 thoughts on “Room to Grow

  1. you are such a great mom. underneath the snark and the laughs, you have quite the lovely, tender mom heart.

    i think that is why I like you so much.
    My recent post “like”

  2. we have a kindergarten screening next week. thankfully it's not my last. i have one more. it is scary. every time. it never gets easier to let them out into the world without you.

  3. Motherhood spins us into a time warp. It seems like it goes painfully slow during the challenging times and unusually fast when we would like it to slow down. It is such a bittersweet time. ;-)
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday

  4. We haven't gone through that kind of stuff, but I still fear these milestones. Every step we take along this journey, even the most beautiful and joyous ones, carry a certain kind of pain… At least this is what I'm finding. Know that you have thousands of moms standing with you when you send your baby off to Kindergarten. As I'm sure you had thousands with you when you went through all of those struggles. Here's to more challenges with less struggles.
    Beautiful post.

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