26 thoughts on “Me Talking- The Vlog

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  4. Ha ha ha. Did you say Crayon? Because it sounded a like like Cran and that is WRONG! ha ha. The other word you said that was different was "accent" – but that wasn't even on the list. You're inspiring me. I may have to do a vlog one of these days. Thanks for posting!

  5. Ok I want to do this. Because I am a midwesterner like you, but I have been told I say things funny.


    but I am too damn lazy to write down the crap you just said, so I need the list.

    Also? This is like when I do vocab with my students and each word reminds me of a story.

    Yeah, vocab takes a LONG time in my class.
    My recent post I’ve…

  6. I'm pretty sure neither you nor I have an accent. and there are only a few words that I pronounce differently from you, but I have to say – I absolutely LOVED your answers to the questions – they cracked me up :) Thanks for (FINALLY – ha!) recording and sharing this :) I enjoyed it very much ;)

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