Happy Halloween!

I tried to take one video.  I really did.

I also tried to take it when there was still light out.

Then all these trick or treaters kept coming up.   You know.  For candy.

I don’t know any fancy video editing so these are all chopped up, but they’re short.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween.



24 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. So it's the last one your kids are really afraid of? holy cow i'd never come near your house.
    i am totally dumbounded. is this "normal" for the US?
    you take it way more seriously than us!


  2. I am SO coming to your house next year if only to scare the crap out of my kids who would have ran away screaming at the garage…awesome video and display! I loved the candy shoot – and the pointers about the fog…your kids have to be the proudest in the neighborhood for sure!
    My recent post Of Halloween Past…

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