Halloween, the Quiz

This is my 10th year of decorating for Halloween.   Over the years I have accumulated lots of stuff.  It takes a lot of stuff to put on my display every year.  How much?  Go ahead, take a guess:


1)    How many fog machines do I own?


2)    How many flood lights do I use for my display:


3)    How many extension cords do I have to use?


4)    How many batteries are used for the display?


5)    How many tombstones do I have in my yard?


6)    How long does it take to make one tombstone?


7)    What is the number one material I use for my display?


8)    How many pumpkins do I carve each year?


9)    What is the biggest Halloween item in my yard?


10)  How many treat bags will I make for trick or treaters?


You can go ahead and comment with your answers


just find the answers HERE. 


Oh, and my husband got them all wrong.

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