34 thoughts on “A Room full of WTH- 20th Reunion

  1. I came because I saw your Halloween on Adventures of Renovating a Brooklyn Brownstone, very good stuff. BUT….I stayed because I read this post and you are too funny. I am definately coming back for more Halloween ideas and a laugh.

  2. Now that I’ve had more time to digest, I can respond. :) I had a good time. Not a great time. I didn’t remember most of the people in the room. I couldn’t figure out who I used to hang out with in HS. Where were my friend’s? What happened to them? I really wished I had a group of friends there. Then it dawned on me on Wednesday…some of my friends didn’t graduate and the rest were older than me. It turns out I wasn’t a total loser!
    Thankfully, people like Jen talked to me AND remembered me. There were not many of them. Am I sad? Nope. Did I enjoy the five or six people I talked to? Yep! Was the whole thing worth it? Yep! I admit I made a friend or two on FB from HS. We go to see each other. One girl and I are going to have a play date with our kids. The reunion was worth it. I learned that the stupidity of HS sticks for some. Not people like Jen…or me.

  3. Based on this timeline you're a year older than me so does this mean that a year from now when I attend my 20th high school reunion I'll have grey pubes? It's going to be an awkward moment when I ask my hair lady for highlights on my hooha. Awkward for her, not me. I'll enjoy it as I enjoy all awkward moments.
    My recent post Fantasy & Sex. Or Not.

  4. You're a better person than me… I didn't go to my 20 yr reunion or the thing they had the night before. Nothing.

    Seriously… why would I want to go to and spend a night with a bunch of people I don't know and can catch up with on Facebook. And more than that…. most of those who were there weren't close friends. Although I didn't think of it being a tweetable moment!

  5. This is the best! I didn’t attend my 20 year either for similar reasons! Made me almost feel like I was there with you…and Paula! Hahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the entertainment!

  6. I would not have had near the good time if you had not been there!!!! You made the night for me as well Jen! I just wish I could see the un-editied version…oh wait…I lived it!

  7. What kind of a douchehole unfriends people for charity? I'm doing a disease walk next month, so new plan: for every $1 I raise I'm going to tell someone they're fat.

    Sounds like you were the coolest person in the room Jen. Hands down.

  8. haha too funny. I can relate about the boring facebook pages. For my tenth reunion which I did not attend there was a page like that and it looked awful. I like how you didn't care about unfriending the guy on FB.

  9. This is very similar to why i chose not to attend my 20th class reunion. I came from a very small school and anyone who I wanted to keep in contact with I have. I have no desire to attend a function where people don't remember me or worse yet they recognize me as my ex husbands wife "Oh yeah you married sweet Paul, how is Paul?" Inside I'm screaming "Sweet Paul was an abusive douche bag you idiot". Hence there is a reason I didn't stay connected to certain people nor my hometown.

  10. Ooops on the diabetes, but this is the best reunion recap I've ever read. It's almost enough to make me want to go to one. If, of course, there is a trailer at the back of the bar…

  11. the reunion Honey Badger!!! hahahaha
    I wish you would have invited me to go with you: I could have pretended that I went to school with you. Think of the fun we could've had.

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