Costumes of Halloween Past

It's not too early to start looking for your costumes.  Really.  The stores that I have visited have them all out.  The online stores are ready. 

Are you?

If you wait too long you're gonna be stuck being a witch.


I have no preference to homemade versus store bought costumes.  I have done both.

If I'm going with pre-made, I generally go the online route and order as early as I can so if I need to modify it I have enough time.  Getting it early also allows me to shop for accessories local.  

I like the following online stores:


Buy Costumes

Costumes Express – I generally find the kids here unless it's something I can find local.  


For handmade costume ideas I like:

Martha Stewart – Unique ideas some easy, some not

The Costume Page – Large list of costumes to make


I always looked forward to wearing whatever costume I had




From top left:  

Knight and Zombie Cheerleader-  I look like I'm grabbing his crotch but I wasn't.  

Super Mustard and Pretzel  – I think most of my salt fell off

Medusa and Roman Emperor 

Wolf and Ice Princess with child

Rapper and Spider Queen – I hand made that crown.  

Mummy and Skeleton – These were Martha Stewart costumes that I copied for both of us


So tell me, what are you going to be this year?  






8 thoughts on “Costumes of Halloween Past

  1. I am admittedly not a Halloween fan and we rarely dress up but this year I am super excited about Elena's costume b/c 5 mth old with whiskers :die!: Yes she is going to be a black cat.

  2. Oh you are fabulous, those are just fantastic costume combos. For some Christmas comes in July, yours clearly comes in October. Good for you for sharing your ideas and sources, I am sure you would actually love to be a Halloween consultant.
    Last year we did a family ensemble. We did Orphan Annie. My 3 year old was Annie, DH was Daddy Warbucks, I was Miss Hannigan and 10 month old was Sandy the dog.
    This year I have no plans to tell her you can change costumes each year.
    Hoping to get one more year out of Annie – even if I have to listen to a now 4 year old's version of Tomorrow.

  3. I may not dress up this year, but I'm making my 15 month old a Frida Kahlo costume. Complete with a black braided yarn hairpiece and a eyeliner unibrow. I'm also going to get a small spider monkey beanie for her to carry around. I'm going all out! I figure this might be my last year to choose her costume, I was an art history major, and we also visted her house this past spring when we were in Mexico City. I'm thinking it will be pretty awesome.

  4. I haven't decided if I am dressing up, but I have known for 3 years what my now 2 1/2 year old son was going to be this year. Frankenstein! I saw it in a parenting magazine or something when I was pregnant with him. (That's when my love for Halloween went to full on passion.) It's handmade as was his from last year. (Gnome) I figure this is probably the last year I will get any say in it without anyone having a full blown meltdown.
    My recent post Apple Festival

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