Things I’m NOT doing for Blogher


I’m not trying to lose weight.  I’m not.  I briefly thought about it in March and then quickly consumed a Chocolate Long John.   The size I am is the size I am.  Hope you can accept that.


I’m not trying to over-promote myself.   I appreciate that some people use their blogs as a platform or as a career.  I’m not.  For me it’s a hobby and not even on my top 5 list of hobbies.  I love meeting the people behind their blogs.  The people are my draw.  I’m not there to try to win brands over so I can review some window steam cleaner.   Steam cleaners don’t make me smile.  Ever.


I’m not changing my blog before I go.  I know some people are spiffing theirs up, changing things around, making it more visual appealing.  Again, I think that’s great.  It’s just not me.  What you see here is what you’ll get on any average day. 


I’m not setting up posts before I go.  Let’s be honest, I’m not known as the “frequent poster” anyways.  Why start now. 


I’m NOT getting a haircut.  After what happened last year?  Lesson learned.


I’m not buying clothes that aren’t me.  Last year I got caught up in some of the hype.  I have 2 dresses that I haven’t worn since then.  Though I may buy a few things, they’re going to fit into my everyday life.  I’m also not buying clothes that require under garment bondage.   Between praying to the latex gods that they aren’t rolling up on my thighs to having bathroom fights with them every time I pee?  No thanks. 


I’m not going with a closed mine.  I will meet people from all walks of earth.  Each of them has a story.  Their story is important.  If I get to hear a few new ones this year, I’ll be the lucky one.



31 thoughts on “Things I’m NOT doing for Blogher

  1. since getting pregnant? I have lowered my personal bar way low. I may wear yoga pants constantly. And eat peanut butter from the jar during sessions.

    all i really REALLY care about is meeting people and just gaining the experience.

  2. Wow. I was planning to go and be really closed minded about who I would be open to meeting. Mostly I figured I'd avoid Asians. But you have really turned me around on this. Open minded it is!

    Can't wait to meet you! Are you at least going to bring those business cards you were getting advice on before?

    If I go have some made how quickly can I get them do you think?

  3. I like your blog just the way it is. Your blog is good enough, funny enough and goshdarnit people like it!

    Sad I won't be meeting you at Blogher. I'll be home with my 3 kids for most of August while my husband is in another state working. Don't be jealous.

  4. Yay. I'm with you. Except for the buying clothes that aren't me. I bought a couple things… I am seven months pregnant… not much to chose from. Totally not going to be wearing any of those colorful sacks again after the conference.
    I am also eating many Long Johns.

  5. I am going dressed as a giant squirrel with underpants on so I get all the attention. Oh wait- I’m not going. Oh well, maybe next year I can meet you.

  6. This makes me SO HAPPY as your BlogHer roommate. Honestly, I meant what i said before. I was really hesitating to go to the conference until you appraoched me about rooming. I wanted to go for fun, just fun. I don't want to have to be "on", not even a little. It's me, @OakParkGirl. Not Microsoft evangelista and super social networking girl. I put enough pressure on myself, didnt need more from a crazy go-getter "I wanna the biggest rock star social networker EVAR" roomie. Although, you kinda are a rock star even if you're not trying to be :)

    For the record, I'm the fattest I've ever been. Oh well, thankfully all the tech conference tees are Men's L and XL :p ::shrugs::

  7. i'm totally with you. i'm pretty much de-stressing and bringing stuff i already have. i just want to be myself and meet so many of the people i adore and admire. except for the hair cut. but trust me, it's necessary. there's ten long haired rats all over my head right now.

    i want to MEEEET you! holla!

  8. yes! I wanted to lose a few pounds, but eh, didn't happen. I am also going as just me… I'm wearing the clothes I have in my closet, unfortunately for me, dh started a new strict household budget 2 months ago, so there is no wad of cash for new clothes. I'm thinking of how I can make what I have a bit more exciting by just buying a new accessory or a new top etc.

    I will be looking for you there! :) oh, I did get my hair done, but I was way overdue. Unfortunately I let my hairdresser finally do to my strawberry blond hair what she has been itching to do for 2 years now…and I am no longer strawberry blond but a dark burgundy red not found in nature. While dh was incredibly thrilled…I am worried I won't be recognized at Blogher now… I should have known better than to change anything… !

  9. Ahhh… yes, to all of the above. I don't know anyone who started a diet months ago who has actually reached their goal weight for BlogHer. I know I didn't and I'm perfectly fine with that. I think changing your blog or who you are just to please other people is ridiculous. My blog has been the same for the past year and while I did switch to WordPress, that was months in the planning and it just happened to get done last week. Also, I DID get a haircut, but that is because I haven't had one in a year and my hairdresser just got back into town. FYI… my hair looks exactly the same as before I got it cut… maybe just a 1/2 inch shorter. Clothes? I bought a few outfits that I love and I feel good in, but they are by no means going to wow anybody at the conference. I would MUCH rather be comfortable than stylish.

  10. You are speaking my language. I've been so worried that I won't look right and that my blog is dumb and it's dumb for me to be going to blogher because I don't make money off the blog or even use it as a platform to promote … anything. So this is reassuring.

  11. Can't wait to hang out with you!!!!

    I was totally going to lose weight! I didn't. Just hoping they don't me buy a second ticket for my wide load.

  12. Love it, love it, love it! I am pretty similar to you. I thought about buying spanx but I know that I will hate my life in them and have a scowl on my face the whole time so why bother. I also thought about losing weight but like you I killed that thought with a snack. :)

  13. The people part is what I'd go for! Well if I was going… or blogging anymore for that matter.. but yes, it's all about the people and the stories behind them, not their size, shape, color or hairstyle.. You don't post often, but when you do, you're pretty dang smart!

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