17 thoughts on “Where I break every Vlog rule.

  1. So I totally love this. TOTALLY!! You crack me up! Way to go cleaning up. I bet it feels amazing to wake up to a super clean living room like that. I try to do this – you know clean – and I do alright. My living is cluttered with toys though. LOL

  2. Love it. I totally do that too – except where are all the piles of laundry to fold, kids toys on the floor, and mounds of papers you have set down near to sofa to go through at some point? Oh, wait, that's MY house. ;)

  3. Do you know how sad this makes me?

    I miss having people like you in my real life.

    We could have so much fun.

    Promise you'll dance with me at BlogHer? Like hard till our faces are all shiny?


    Love you.

  4. I only have teenager left at home. My idea of cleaning up for a party is hiding all the prescription drugs, credit card bills and marking the liquor bottles.
    I clean with music on, and work in a few squats & stretches along the way.

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