Sometimes, You gotta laugh.

There was this photo posted in my facebook stream with the caption:                                                   I think my ex-husband lives here…


Then the following conversation happened:



Jen That’s some four story house he has.

Mer Complete with pool and a greenhouse. He’s so lucky.

Jen I really like the color block design on the sides. Really makes it pop.


Kath My ex lives here too…in the little crappy orange and white one…

Judy Mine shares the crappy orange one with Kath’s!!!

Mer The sad fact is that mine rents the house attached to the information center of a trailer park under a tollway bridge in real life. Ha!

Judy Ok….Mer wins!! You can’t make that shit up!!! Lol

Amanda  Hahaha

Jen So you’re saying the green one is open then?

Mer I always figured you for a windmill kind of girl.


So there you go.  If you’re getting a divorce and he needs a place to stay?  The green one is available.  The windmill doubles as a clothes dryer.


(I dedicate this post to Law Momma)

19 thoughts on “Sometimes, You gotta laugh.

  1. any idea about HOA fees and how strict their covenants are? I would need a place to park my boat. and high speed Internet. those are my requirements.

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