Help me because I’m lazy

If you’re on any social media this time of year then you know that Blogher is coming up. This is a blogging conference that attracts bloggers big and small. 3K of them. That’s a lot of people who like to get their geek on. When going to such a large event, many try to stand out and make it their own. Some do it with fashion or hair color. Most do it with business cards.

Last year I wasn’t going to bring business cards. I didn’t even have a blog when I registered so really had nothing to advertise on them. I was and am mostly a tweeter so instead of bringing blog cards, I brought twitter business cards.

I made 200 last year and came back with 195. Maybe if I had a better card more people would want one.

Since I more or less feel the same way, I think I’ll stick with this concept.

Except I need a new tag line.

Last years was LAME.

I came up with a few:

@TheNextMartha: Because my blog sucks

@TheNextMartha: Blogging is hard yo

@TheNextMartha: Where you can find quantity over quality

@TheNextMartha: 140 is about all I’m good for

So there are a few options, but really I’m open to suggestions.

That’s where you come in.

If you come up with a line that I like better than any of the above? I will make my cards that way.

46 thoughts on “Help me because I’m lazy

  1. Go to Moo Cards, and use them all. I'd suggest a different color background for each with a simple, yet slightly quirky font in white. Love, a graphic designer

  2. I am boycotting this contest out of respect for your blog – I love your blog! And what about those Vlogs? Love the Tweets too, but do you go to McD's and just order the fries? Okay, well, sometimes. But mostly, NO – you get the combo, you get the Big Mac, the fries and the coke. You're a combo hotness and there is no denying it.

  3. I just can't pick – they are all too good. And I am very jealous I can't go so I will be lurking and living vicariously through you!

  4. @thenextmartha: There once was a girl from Nantucket. I'm not her.
    @thenextmartha: I left my kids in the car
    @thenextmartha: I think I left my iron on
    @thenextmartha: Marriott Room 402 (use this room number no matter what)
    @thenextmartha: disease free since January

  5. honk if you like @thenextmartha
    @thenextmartha: I'm heading to Disneyland after this and not getting anything for my kids
    @thenextmartha: no longer tweeting lies
    @thenextmartha: I'm the woman that Rep. Weiner sent the pics to
    @thenextmartha: on twitter until it becomes the next myspace

  6. @thenextmartha: I have a twitter
    you should #FF @thenextmartha
    4 out of 5 dentists don't follow @thenextmartha
    @thenextmartha: I'd give my real name but I'm in witness protection
    @thenextmartha: that crazy halloween lady
    @thenextmartha: a cat lady without the cats
    @thenextmartha: @smonkyou said I can't mention his name

  7. @TheNextMartha I tweet while pooping.

    @TheNextMartha I have contests but never announce the winners. SUCK IT BOB BARKER!

    @TheNextMartha F**K Christmas, HALLOWEEN B*TCHES!

  8. I'd make buttons instead of cards.

    However, you can write more on cards.

    I vote for ALL of The Empress' suggestions. Since they are by royal decree.

    My suggestions:
    @TheNextMartha: Tweet? Sweet. Let's meet.
    @TheNextMartha: Blogging is like jogging. Tweeting is like sitting. No-brainer.
    @TheNextMartha: 10% blog, 80% Tweet, and, oh, forget it. I write, not count.

  9. Does that make the 5 cards you handed out last year collector's items? Because Mommy is 85% sure we have one. Sad to be missing BlogHer this year, but San Diego is FAR and air fare is SPENDY.

  10. Wait. You told me that I wouldn't need cards, only a button to wear with my icon on it. Were you screwing with me?

  11. I second:
    @TheNextMartha: judging you in 140 characters or less

    Now I am wondering if I should order cards for Blogher. DAMMIT woman!

  12. Yeah, well, @thenextmartha is the only one who can truly say she tweets as a profession.

    Professional tweeter.

    @thenextmartha : like a seeing eye dog for twitter

    The Martha Project:
    Specializing in Twitter Remediation.

    Twitter Challenged? You need to follow me

    Broken Tweets? I'm your Twixit Gal

    Tweetsquad. Online support for lackluster tweets

    Lame Tweet removal services: send your tweets my way and I'll twix them for you.

    Twitter capabilities not fully optimized? @thenextmartha can help

    Not getting double effed enough? @ me and get #FF every week

    Twitter Wallflower? follow @thenextmartha and join the party

    Tweep no more: follow @thenextmartha and make twitter your prison girlfriend

    Twitter Jail? Twitter whore? Look no more, I'm your girl

  13. My favorites:
    @TheNextMartha: Because my blog sucks
    @TheNextMartha: *snort*
    @TheNextMartha: judging you in 140 characters or less

    But if I HAD to come up with some of my own, here's mine
    @TheNextMartha: Blogging? Twitter is a full-time job.
    @TheNextMartha: I've got 140 nailed.
    @TheNextMartha: Twitter and Halloween. You don't really want me to blog, too?

  14. I like JJ's taking over the world 140 at a time or your blogging is hard yo!

    Either way, I promise to get at least one of your cards!

  15. hummm:
    taking over the world 140 at a time
    prolific to the point of insanity
    I'll see your bet and raise you by 140
    judging you in 140 characters or less

    BTW – love the 'queen of 90%' in your about…so glad I'm not the only one! Have a project on the boil that is forcing out the last 10% and it may kill me yet!

  16. Oh crap, there you go reminding me that I don't have business cards for BlogHer.

    Can I steal one of your taglines? Maybe you could start charging for them…

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