I’m doing just *fine*

My husband has been in VEGAS since sunday morning.

He left at 6am so let’s just call that Saturday night.

My *almost* four year old has become obsessed with his birthday.

Where is my cake Is my cake ready?

Are you getting my cake

Where is my cake?

Are we getting my cake?

Where is my cake Is my cake ready?

Are you getting my cake

Where is my cake?

Are we getting my cake

Oh, and his birthday? JUNE 19th.

Shoot me. And the cake while you’re at it.

He seems to have woke up with a cold today. That rocks.

My older son ate a box of Lucky Charms for dinner. A whole box. Like there’s one rainbow marshmallow stuck in the corner. Of course, maybe if I wasn’t laying down trying to keep my head from exploding, I would have noticed.

I showered on monday. Today is thursday. You do the math.

I’ve eaten 3.5 donuts. Today.

It’s looking up. To the sky, where Scott should be getting his ass on a plane any hour now.

Smelly or not, I’m ready


This was a comment I left on Harpers Happenings.  She was encouraging people to complain.  So I did.  There and here.  I’m an equal opportunity complainer.

I’ll shut up now.

Or I won’t

PS. My husband should not underestimate his level of caffeine for this weekend.

PPS. I may dump pixie sticks into my children’s breakfast right before I grab my car keys

“Geez honey, I have no idea why they are so crazy.  They must have really missed you”



The house that was rented in Vegas had fleas.






21 thoughts on “I’m doing just *fine*

  1. HaHa! giving my kids pixie sticks (except for maybe DS) and running out the door is totally something I'd do too. DH sometimes underestimates what the heck goes on any given day. It's controlled chaos really. hope you all feel better soon!

  2. i ate 8 mini snickers because I was too lazy to pack a lunch to take to work and that was what was in my desk drawer.

    and my husband is here.

    don't make me think about what it would be like if he ever had to leave.

  3. haha, I have you beat because my daughter's birthday is june 29th and she can't shut up about it either! Plus, she switches from wanting a really big cake to cupcakes. Um, make up your mind???

    Love the pixie stick idea.

  4. Coincidentally, my husband left at 6:15 a.m. Sunday morning and is about to get on a plane to come home.

    I had baked beans for dinner last night. Which is an improvement over the jelly beans.

    Also, I don't know what my kids had. It's Lord of the Flies around here.

    I feel your pain. And I'm jealous about the donuts.

    • Oh! This wasn't even one of those. This was a full on guys get away. Blogher will be mine. All mine.

  5. I like the idea of pixie stix. I think i should do that to the wife's tea and see if that perks her up from her cold.

    I don't know why you are complaining about 3.5 donuts…that's not a complaint. That's an accomplishment. I would give you a pat on the back!

    Also…did you get my cake?!

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