Chicken and Pork in Crock Pots, OH MY!

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be sitting down to write about crock pots I would have told you to put down the pipe and hand me that bean burrito.


What started off as a simple tweet landed me in a crock pot of controversy.

“For Sale: One Crock Pot. I’m convinced nothing that tastes good can be made in it.”

About a million crock potters replied to me over the next 2 hours. It’s almost like the President of the Crock Potters Association put out an alert:

    “Attention crock potters: We have an infidel in our midst. Get her!! ”

And with their rallying cry “Go Mushy or Go Home!”, they did. I had links, recipes and websites thrown at me like cans of tomatoes ready to be set on low. All the recipes read the same after a while. Liquid, meat, low, 6-8 hours. I just kept thinking to myself: “But I don’t mind chewing my food. Shouldn’t I use my teeth while I still can?” Then I put out my own call for help.

“WHERE ARE MY FOODIES? I’m taking some heat for the crock pot. Come on. I can’t be the only one who thinks they suck the life out of food”

—I’m with you 100000% I get a lot of smack for talking badly about the crock pot too. It just grosses me out. Kills food. @JenSenecal

—It’s like meat hanging out in the wet spot. And I hate when that happens to me. I wouldn’t want to eat it. @TheGlassPhoenix

—I use a crock pot once every two years, if that. It’s my dirty little secret @thepioneerwoman (and let’s be honest with this one, I win right?)

Then there was some funny stuff.

—I suck the life out of food, crockpot or not. @the818

—It’s because most people think you’re tweeting about COCK & POT lover. @ieatmykidzsnack

—I’d like to put some meat and spices in a cock pot and 6 hours later get Enrique Iglesias. @ieatmykidzsnack

Thank God I was laughing because one by one all these crazy Crock Potters were trying to convince me that soft brown food is not just for those over 85.

I must have had over 100 replies about the crock pot. This is what most people want from twitter right?

I learned something that night. If you want to get people on twitter riled up you tweet: Breastfeeding/Formula, Work/SAH Mom, or Crock Pots.
—I did get one idea that had booze. Booze in a crock pot set on low could be a game changer.

—After all that tweeting about Crock Pots, twitter put me in jail. This did not allow me to tweet real issues that night: Toddlers and Tiaras.

—Some got so worked up that I think they are organizing a Crock Pot Blog Hop.

—I went to a party tonight and ate food out of a crock pot. I can run but I can’t hide.

21 thoughts on “Chicken and Pork in Crock Pots, OH MY!

  1. Used to use Crock Pot a lot. But I will throw myself on the mercy of the Crock Pot people and confess, I have sinned! I haven't used my Crock Pot in about 7 years. Have they advanced Crock technology in the past 7 years? ***hanging head in shame and remorse for violating the code of the Crock***

  2. Meat in crock pots ehh not so much but…. you can make a mean spiced warm apple cider (the adult friendly only kind) in a crock pot. And a very unhealthy form of green beans with a lot of bacon and bacon grease (sounds gross but they're heavenly). And sweet baby jeebus don't ever bring up breast feeding if you want tweet about anything else in the next oh two weeks.

  3. Well, I do love my crockpot, but I can understand your stance. Making something that doesn't come out mushy and gross can be a challenge. I love throwing stuff in there and walking away, though. In the next few days I'm going to work on a recipe that contains lots of booze. Maybe I'll sway ya.

  4. One of the best lines ever was in that post! but then If i repeated it i would get chewed out and lose all my followers. lol But most def agree. I only use mine as a warmer at gatherings.

  5. So I only heard about the big crockpot debacle today (and now thanks to one of your readers am thinking "cock" everytime I write "crock! lol). The basic recipes, I will admit, are all the same really but I do love that I can just throw it in and go about my day. And it is wonderful for chilis and stews, those things that need low temperature, long time cooking. And it makes a wonderful roast chicken which is very useful in the summer when I do not want to heat up my whole house with the oven :)

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  7. Listen, I do not pretend to be a crock pot queen but I will tell you that I find it is hard to screw something up in there. For cooks like me it helps my odds of an edible meal being on the table at night. I think you will convert. Just give it some time.

  8. too funny! It's amazing what people will get riled up about! I use a crock-pot about once or twice a year. In fact, I think in 2010 I only used it once and it was for Christmas dinner. I put my ham in there with some apple juice and a shot of tequila. It was a delicious ham, not soggy at all. Still had to use my teeth!!
    Happy New Year!

  9. I love my CP but let’s be honest:not everything I’ve made out of it have been a win. I make 2 recipes in rotation that I could make on the stove top exactly the same if I wanted to be bothered with almost burning it. I love it, but then what do I know I don’t even own a coffee maker.

  10. You know, the only reason your crockpot twittering was hilarious is because it was you doing it.

    If I did it, I'd get all serious comments and serious recipes…because, you know, I'm all cool and funny like that.

    So jealous of you….still, can't keep away.

    Happy New year and buenobaby sent me here. Jealous of her, too.

  11. I make 2 things in my crockpot. Grape Jelly Meatballs and chili–which I could make on the stove, but I'm lazy. Everything else I've tried in the crockpot turns into mush. I do not like mush.

  12. I love that this is your first post for the year and I love that it was the first post I read for this year! You're hilarious. Happy new year! [P.S. I cannot get behind a recipe which requires me to de-bone a chicken by 7 am in the morning. HA, who am I kidding?! As if I cook!]

  13. "I’d like to put some meat and spices in a cock pot and 6 hours later get Enrique Iglesias." Hell, where can I get THAT recipe? :-)

    Boy, what a lot of fuss and bother over an appliance! Really, I don't get it.

    Great post, BTW!

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