23 thoughts on “Um, It’s my birthday.

  1. Happy bday! Our family is also full of December bdays (seriously, is St. Patrick's Day REALLY that romantic?) My bday is the 13th, my sister's is the 30th, and two of our cousins' are the 23rd and 24th. Now that I'm married, my sister-in-law's is the 18th. Cra-zy. Luckily my parents were good about keeping our birthdays separate from each other's and Christmas.

  2. Happy Birthday! My husband's birthday is the 25th and though his is on Christmas, he actually feels bad for all of the other December birthdays because he gets the most sympathy. Hope you have a lovely day.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a woman who is fabulously funny and never fails to leave me smiling and farting a bit from laughing so hard.

    Thanks, up to this point, my poor kids never knew mama farted.

    Happy Birthday!!! as soon as ahole quites impersonating me on twitter and telling the world I love white ass, I shall reclaim my title of being your twitter queen.

    Cuz I loves you hard like that.

    kisses forever, please never leave me.


  4. I thought about waiting till tomorrow to wish you a belated Happy Birthday because that's how I end up wishing all my other friends a Happy Birthday. But I'm going to be busy Christmas shopping tomorrow:)

  5. Happy Birthday! I have an aunt whose birthday is on December 23 and since she doesn't have any children, I try to make a special point to remember her each year. It's tough competing for attention at this time of year! (I'm kind of new here, so this is my first comment)

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