I’m like Santa. But Better.

I went to Trader Joe’s today. Outside the store there was a Salvation Army guy who looked like Santa. He wasn’t dressed like Santa but I’d put money down that this Saturday he’ll be at a local bank.

He was all jolly and stuff.

He might have snuck a bottle of Two Buck Chuck out there.

No one is happy at 16 degrees ringing bells.


People were unloading on him. In a “Man, all I have is a $20 in my pocket but you’re out here freezing your bells off so here you go” sort of way.

And I thought. Wow. He’s got a good gig going on.

And if there is some sort of “Bringing in the Loot” prize. He’s going to win.

So in the spirit of Freezing Bells and being generous I am offering someone to win these:

These are not actual size

I think we know that I bought these myself.

Yes, they are that good.

Just leave a comment by Sunday December 12th.

If you unfollow me on twitter, you’ll be entered twice.

Happy Holidays.

22 thoughts on “I’m like Santa. But Better.

  1. FL sadly does not have a Trader Joe's, think its because they believe the old people will camp out there and then they will no longer be the hip cool place to shop …
    Since I only just followed you today, the likelihood of me unfollowing you already is slim … unless you do something God Awful and then I will have no choice – I'd offer to share a bed at Blogher with you since I just booked a gorgeous room … but you may bring sex toys with you and that would truly scare the crap out of me …
    But until then …

  2. I was thinking about standing outside Trader Joe's in a little nightie. People would give me money just just to buy some new duds and save their eyes. So, that is kind of like charity, but really very selfish and only benefitting the people who don't have to look at me half-naked anymore. Clearly, I understand the holiday spirit.

    Also, if you send those goodies my way, I would send you a picture of me eating them. And then I would send you the cleaning bill for my couch. Because it's white and I'm messy. You know what, probably not a good idea to pick me as the winner.

  3. Oh, what a generous soul you are. I have never been to Trader Joes even though there is one within a seven mile radius of my home. I will not shop where brown bags are standard issue. I have found prices at such places eye popping. I would rather not know. I will take my coupons and plastic bags and just wheel right by. But you have got into my head, this TJs obsession. And I still have not gone, b/c I fear it will be the beginning of the end. Next thing you know I am shopping at Whole Foods. Fast foward I am homeless with a sign that says "Will Work For Joe Joes"…

  4. Love love love the Joe's O's. Especially the ones with the peppermint in them that stabs you in the gums while you're eating them!! They are the only cookie I can keep in the house because my kids don't like them! Double yeah!

  5. we don't have a trader joe's in the mitten either…i feel i need to try these and report back to everyone whether or not they are good…and if you poisoned them or not. so, you know…pick me.

  6. I had to break up with Trader Joe's. I miss the choco covered pomegranate seeds the most; the frozen green beans second (i know, i know) and the burritos third. Wanna know why? Huh? do ya? do ya? it all started when a vagina was left on my computer.

  7. I'm not entering the contest out of the goodness of my heart since I have access to Trader Joes, but I just wanted to say that I think Two Buck Chuck is now THREE Buck Chuck. Inflation, I guess.

  8. I would enter but I don't want the M&Ms. If I win can you give them to a random homeless person? Actually that's not fair…you should give them to someone you don't like much. Maybe Mandy.

  9. What’s a trader joes? I am Canadian and must consult the google gods on this. Plus I am not unfollowing you because I like you and I’m all stalkerish that way so na na na na

  10. So what if my intention is to dip the joe joes in chocolate and then roll them in the MnMs? Do I win because it's the best freaking idea EVER? Wait, do I have to drive way out to your house to get them? I would, but only if you put me in the next video blog, and be my roomie for the next BlogHer :p

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