My kids room kicks your kids room’s ass. Probably.

Over the summer someone gave us a car bed. For free. Also? My son, Tegan is obsessed with hotwheels so this worked out perfectly. I have been wanting to do his room ever since. I just could not figure out what to do with it. The bed, though it was perfect, was blue. BLUE. I did not want to do primary colors. After racking my brain for months, I tabled it. He was just going to have to pretend that he was in a car driving through a jungle room (his baby room theme)

All this thinking gave me the itch to paint.

A SOMETHING MUST BE PAINTED sort of itch. I turned to the kitchen. After about a week I headed to the paint store. I got my paint and headed home. After I painted large splotches all over I decided that I hated it.


I did not have an idea for his room and now I’ve polka dotted the kitchen with molded mushroom paint in the process.

Oh, and who keeps paint colors for touch ups? You do? Shut up. I know. It’s like painting 101.

But right then as I was sort of besides myself in the kitchen the whole car room just came into my head.

You see though the color was molded mushroom in the kitchen, it looked macademia goodness for Tegan’s room.

And here it is.

1Dec2010 061

Dec2010 063

Dec2010 062

–I love the brick paneling even if I did curse each section going up.

–I threaded the light wiring behind the walls. I had to put large holes, but I think it makes all the difference not seeing the wires.

–The train table is covered in a punched metal wrapping paper that I used spray adhesive to put on

–The shelf is an Ikea shelf that I painted black and then used shelf paper for each shelf

–The black road on the wall is actually chalk board paint. It takes 3 days to cure and this is probably the only picture I’ll ever have of it looking pristine. But you know what? I’m ok with that.

–The large car above the road is an adhesive wall sticker


15 thoughts on “My kids room kicks your kids room’s ass. Probably.

  1. Okay, the room is amazing and I take back the invite to my house which is NOT that put together.
    Also, did you know that the Land Rover was once the only car that a significant percentage of the world's population had ever seen?
    I dont want to rain on your parade but you could have snuck into a land rover dealership, ripped the hood ornament off of a car, glue gunned it to the hood of the car and there's my VOILA!

  2. Love it!! Where did you find the punched metal wrapping paper? I framed a picture last year using diamond plating for the matting, but it's expensive and you have to have someone use a plasma cutter to get it the right shap & size. Seems like the punched metal wrapping paper would be a good alternative.

  3. Ok, that's a +25 room if I've ever seen one.

    The hiding the wires is brilliant. Should be done WAY more than it is.

    And the brick is inspired with the car theme.

    *sigh* I miss having kids young enough to like rooms decorated in cars.

    Now they decorate with laundry.

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