11 thoughts on “And my Twitter BFF for the day is…

  1. I JUST NOW remembered that I entered this contest. No wonder I didn't win! Also, I love your son's commentary. My boys have a similar habit of telling me to "Stop. Stop. Stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop" when I am talking and/or singing, even when I am talking and/or singing to them.

  2. Ok, first, I am SO SAD that I missed this contest, and can I PAY you to be my twitter bff? (even though, I am the worlds LAMEST tweeter). Second, my 3.5 year old was totally talking to you and he also said that he wanted to go to the playground with you. And also called you his best friend. Third, you have good taste in names. Teagan is my daughter's middle name. Slightly different spelling, but it doesn't discount the good taste.

  3. Y’all know that was me on the side pretending to be her 3 year old, right?

    That’s what happens when your her “regular” BFF.

    Find friggin’ big bird?

    Not happening.

    PS-I totally have that same cake stand!

    PPS- I think I was talking to you when I bought it.

    PPPS – I think this means we talk too much or not enough. One of those.

  4. I am at a loss for words.
    There is no Ben & Jerry's flavor to match my sorrow. Not even Cherry Garcia can help me now.
    That lil sideshow was just too much. Endearing and positively hilarious.
    Cheers to the winner. Lucky bitch.

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