Twitter BFF for a Day Contest.

Today I decided to wear @smonkyou’s shirt he gave me, Mandy, Mae, and Morgan at Blogher. I’ve had people ask about it and I say it’s my friends website because the truth? Is just too odd for the people who shop at Jewel grocery store.

I then decided that for the rest of the day I would only tweet to @smonkyou. I’m odd. I get it. THEN a few people mentioned that they might want to have been the person who I tweet to all day. Surely they must also have ADD because who would actually want that right?

So then I came up with this contest idea. Enter to win me be your Twitter BFF for the day.

What do you win exactly?

I will only tweet to you all day. Also? I will read all your tweets that day and reply.

Now if you don’t like me and my tweets, Don’t enter.

Enter by leaving a comment. I’ll use one of those randomizer things to choose a number of the commenter to win. Or something like that. I don’t know. I’ve never done it before but I was able to log into my wordpress so I’m guessing I can figure that out too.

Bonus: If I get more than 5 people to enter, I will drink coffee on your Twitter BFF day. That always makes things interesting.

Happy Tweeting.

52 thoughts on “Twitter BFF for a Day Contest.

  1. i fear i am too late, but please put my name in the hat. if i am lucky enough to win i plan to take a day of vacation so that i can fully devote all of my attention to you. as an added bonus, could we make this for a friday night so that i have a chance to hear from #WineJen? that would be. pure. magic. **swoon**

  2. You’d probably pick the day I’m not on twitter to be my BFF. But what the heck. Put me down for your contest.

  3. does not cost money.

    anywho…you should pick me JUST because I saved you that headache. except now I see others have saved you too. but I am awesome. so there is that.

  4. I like odd. And I'd much rather a twitter BFF then a container of Fiber Plus or some Vaseline which seems to be what everyone else is giving away tonight.

  5. is free. And if you want to fake it (and lets be real, all women know how to do this)…you can just say "Alena Wins" The end.

  6. You could go old school randomizer, write the names, throw them in a hat…that's free. Irritating but free.

  7. Truth is, I already have a BFF, I'm strictly here for the coffee, and the baking, oh and some of those cool decorating ideas you have, and I guess sometimes your tweets are kinda funny. Whatev. But if I don't win, can I still have some coffee?

  8. If I win I'm not going to tweet to you AT ALL that day so you will have nothing to respond to. Then you won't be able to tweet and if you drink coffee and can't tweet? I want to see what happens.

    • Um. I'll tweet to you no matter what. @smonkyou today has hardly responded to me. Doesn't matter. If it's in my head it's coming at you. Coffee? Just makes it more. There is no way that someone could go without responding to me ALL day. Nope. Don't believe it.

  9. Wow, gosh, it's gonna be a lot of work hunting down all these entrants and disabling, er, disqualifying them, but this is something I am prepared to do. So it's up to you. Coffee time ha-ha or national media spotlight at your front door. Your "number one fan." ;)

  10. OK … I think contests are DUMB, but since I don't have a real life BFF (yes, I'm pitiful) I'm hoping I might win a twitter BFF for a day so I can feel important (i.e. less pitiful) for a single 24-hour time period!

  11. See…you would be bored reading my tweets during the day, at least during the work week.

    Unless…do we get to pick the day?! Could it be a Saturday!? OH MY GOSH FRAKKIN PICK ME!~

    (I have been watching BSG lately, forgive)

  12. OH MY GOODNESS… you crack me up!!!! and yes, and in case you didn't know already, we are BFF"s I read your blog, and follow your twitter. I feel like in real life we'd be friends, those kind of friends that you bitch and moan and get drunk with :o) YOU ROCK!!!

  13. Well if you drink coffee and add a splash of Bailey's then I will one up you by drinking an entire bottle of vodka with Red Bull…that should be a shit kicking kind of time. Also messy. But it will be fun. My BFF's love me and you will love me too. I promise.

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