Sometimes? I have thoughts.

As I walk downstairs and catch a glance of the recliner I think, “so this is what we’ve become.”

Living the same yet separate lives.
Day and night.

This is what we’ve become.

Responses filled with “fine, ok, good” as our permanent adjectives about our lives.

Just so average. Or maybe just getting by.

This is what we’ve become.

A table that is set for one or two at a time.
But really, mostly stays empty.
Not enjoying conversations and laughter that could be filling it.
Day and Night.

This is what we’ve become.

Not connecting, not connected, not even trying to connect.
You live. I live. We live.
But are we living?

What have we become?

9 thoughts on “Sometimes? I have thoughts.

  1. We are in this rut. I do not like it at all. We've only been together for 5 years, but everything and I mean EVERYTHING in our life is predictable, typical and the same. I am partially afraid that it is leading us into a path that my inlaws took. It didn't end pretty.

    Here's to hoping we can all get out of this rut, because it sucks.

  2. I could not have said it any better myself. We are going on 3 + years and sometimes I wonder, if this is what the next 50+ years are going to be like… blahhhhh . I'm your newest follower… thanks for speaking the words I couldn't find.

  3. I hear you on that! My daily life is so different from that of my husband's. And sometimes at the end of a hard day (or an average day), I just need to chill and fill up the tank for the next day. And hence our rut is formed.

  4. We have been to that place, where the connection is tenuous and one of us suddenly notices our mutual loneliness.

    We come back to each other and suddenly we remember, as much as I enjoy my computer and books, as much as he likes TV, as busy as we are with work, the kids, the house, and all the rest, we are each other's favorite person. Lately, we're still at the dinner table an hour after the kids have cleared the table and gone off to do their own things.

    We'll drift apart again, I'm sure, but real love is like magnetism: we get a little further apart and the pull diminishes. The tiniest move toward each other increases the pull exponentially.

    I hope you find each other again, and soon. That place of separateness is painful.

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