Halloween, the Next Generation

My son came home today with a little story he wrote. He also informed me that a few kids from each class were picked to read their story to all the 2nd grade classes and he was one of them. (That is for Grandma– Hi! )

It’s about Halloween so of course I’m going to share. I want to make sure that I’m am manipulating, I mean parenting, the next generation into loving Halloween. Judging by this? I think I’m doing a pretty good job.


Braden’s Halloween

I set up the biggest display at my house. Although the only problem is the weather. Lately it’s been really windy and rainy and it’s a problem for all of the electronics and tombstones. But on Halloween I go big time because its me who works with giving away all of the treat bags. At night of course because I always go trick or treating too, you know. I go for at least 2 inches of candy in my bag. So I go all the way up the street and all the way back. Normally the rush starts when I get back. The good thing is that I stay up till 10 o’clock.

The way my display currently looks.

5 thoughts on “Halloween, the Next Generation

  1. :P I miss being a kid, I so remember going up and down the blocks to get more candy!

    One time, like 13 years ago, we were out trick or treating and we saw a scarecrow sitting the someone's front yard, it was full of straw and his head was a pumpkin. Neatest thing ever.

    Until the scarerow jumped up and chased us, scaring the bajeeba's out of us.

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