Laundry is Scary

OCTOBER FIRST PEOPLE! I have to breath a little here. You see I don’t sleep this month. I abuse caffeine and eat more than my fair share of fun sized everything.

But I love it all.

I plan on freaking my freak out with Halloween stuff this month. It all started over at Sippy Cup Mom’s blog with a post on how I became a Halloween freak.

Really, it wasn’t my fault.

And now I expose a bit more of my freak. Yes, this is my laundry room. Yes, it is decorated for Halloween 365. Candy anyone?


17 thoughts on “Laundry is Scary

  1. dude. you have a laundry room. that is an entire room in which to launder clothing.

    I didn't think I knew anyone in real life who had one of those.

    It doesn't even have a catbox in it. my mind is blown.

  2. Love it. October is my favorite month and Halloween is my favorite holiday (well, besides those that require people to bring me gifts.)

  3. I love halloween. My kids love halloween. i love halloween!!

    I need to move down your street…so we can just love halloween together.

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