Chicagolands Biggest Martha Stewart Fan Right Here

I really want to go to the Oprah show featuring Martha Stewart. I think that I need to provide a little more proof that I am worthy. Oprah, you out there? (Or her people since I know she’s got plenty of those) It should be noted that all those magazines and books behind me were not even the whole collection. I know. It might be time for a Martha Stewart Hoarder Intervention which I’m sure Oprah can pull off if she gets me on her show. Hint Hint.

13 thoughts on “Chicagolands Biggest Martha Stewart Fan Right Here

  1. I read your ghost post from Mommy's Lil Monster Bash that was a really great story we don't have any either and i think I will try it out!

  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the show tapped two weeks ago…I believe it was the 17th…it was suppose to air this Thursday, but was pulled for some reason. I'm sorry!

  3. Oh, this is worth more tweets and RT's than I can get my little arthritic fingers to do. ONLY YOU can get Baby E to up and leave his noodles to watch your vlogs.

    He cracks up, and so do I.

    GOOD LUCK! Oprah be a fool, a fool, I tell ya…to not have you on her show. It'd be the highest rated show yet…and maybe that's what scares her…

  4. You NEED to be on the show! I'm setting an hourly chime on my phone right now to remind me to re-tweet you.

    I mean, really? No bigger fan, and you are too freaking FUNNY! What more could Oprah possibly want?

    Oh, but you know what? Perhaps add a little homage to Oprah, too? Flatter her a little! We're all about the buttering up and the kissing of ass, right? Anything to make this happen!

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