Smonkyou some Mozzarella

Once upon a time there was this guy named Smonkyou. I mostly liked smonkyou until I found out about his hate of cheese. One day while at a conference I was given a shirt by Mandy that came from smonkyou. You see Mandy mostly likes him too but we both agree that he can not be fully loved because of his hatred of cheese. The shirt he gave a few of us can be seen in this video here (at the end). Now I am able to combine at least one thing I love with one thing I mostly like. Thanks Smonkyou.

8 thoughts on “Smonkyou some Mozzarella

  1. My mother hated cheese so for the first twenty years of my life I thought I hated cheese too. Then one day in college, I ate a sandwich and said, "This is the best sandwich I have ever tasted". And all my friends said in unison, "That's because there is CHEESE on it!" And life changed dramatically for the better. THE END.

  2. I don’t know this Smonk you gentleman but he seems like an incredibly intelligent, humorous, beautiful and worldly man.

    Viva la Cheese Haters

  3. How can one not love cheese? I'm lactose intolerant and I LOVE cheese. If I don't have a lactaid pill, I'll still consume the diary goodness.

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