So I can’t make Fried Corn Balls, what’s new.

Ever wonder where creamed corn comes from and what one actually cooks with it? Creamed corn is my reference food for anything that comes out of the pantry. Not sure why. So a few nights ago @hockeymandad mentioned that you can make creamed corn taste good in the form of balls. Corn Balls. FRIED Corn Balls.

Since I was about due for my midnight snack, what better than to make some right then and there?

At this point I must have pushed mute b/c the rest of the video is silent. I took a picture of the results. Needless to say they didn’t turn out how I thought.

Broken Ball Bits and Burnt Ball

18 thoughts on “So I can’t make Fried Corn Balls, what’s new.

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  2. I don't know what kind of magical powers you were wielding, but I swear I got up and found the creamed corn in my pantry when you told me to. I swear I did.

    OH MY GOD when you were banging the hell out of the crackers with the rolling pin and the camera was all shaking I totally peed myself. Good thing I managed to get underwear in the single load of laundry I did this month.

    And the crud slopping off the spoon bit? I don't even have words.

  3. My kids are not only fascinated by your enthusiasm, they have hidden every can of creamed corn in the pantry. ____Since I've only met a few balls I didn't like (but plenty of dicks) and they are deep fried they might not be horrible. Your spirited vlog had me pumped to try the recipe complete with the "Did I just open dog food?" reaction to the creamed corn. However, I'll wait for the re-vlog with the correct recipe to try it myself.

  4. Just got a request for more cooking tutorials from baby e. His words, "are there more, mom? she did more, right?"

    He loved your face of bewilderment at the "not ball material." Me? I couldn't get past the burn on your forehead from the vibrating hot stick you picked up at BlogHer.

    Just so very much to LOVE with this here today…

  5. I sort of like the ritz cracker thought. They would add a buttery flavor. Now if the creamed corn fairy comes tonight maybe I can try again tomorrow.

  6. i miss you! you're hilarious… although I have to say, I have NEVER had creamed corn in my cabinet (probably because I'm from Cali though!)

    Better luck next time?

    • Maybe I just got a bad recipe. I'm willing to try again. I"m sure another can will magically appear over night in the pantry. It's like the creamed corn fairy.

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