Come to Blogher with me (sorta) Contest.

So here’s the deal. There are those that are going and those that are not. I get it. I’ve been online when the #HeyI’mHavingFunAndYou’reNot hastags fill my stream and I want to punch them all. I don’t even know why? I mean I should be happy that these women are all getting their geek on together but I never am. So here’s the deal. I’ll bring you with. Now, now before you get all crazy, I’m no rich person. I’ll bring you in form. That form being a 12-15″ cut-out of you.

Here’s also what I’ll do:

–You give me the three people you would want to see there if you WERE going and I’ll do my best to get “you” with them.

–You get to come to all the events that I will be attending which includes:
*The (freaking) Martha Stewart blogger Party
*The People’s Party
* Sparkle Corn
*There will obviously have to be a special hashtag for you.
* And MORE

How can you get in on this?

Leave me a tweet sized comment below and then who ever gets the most “thumbs ups” on their comment wins.

You can vote up to three people.

Winner will be announced on Sunday at 7:00pm.

59 thoughts on “Come to Blogher with me (sorta) Contest.

  1. I think I shall just post reasons why @TheNextMartha should take me:
    1. I am poor (see, special education teacher)
    2. I work with emotionally disturbed children, I need happy things in my life.
    Ummm, I'll keep thinking

  2. WHAT IN THE EFFING WHAT WHAT!! If I tell you I'll vlog naked will that get me more votes? "VOTE FOR ME: I'LL VLOG NAKED" #plusirocksockoff

  3. Definitely take @NoStylePoints. I mean, I already thumbed up her comment (that kind of sounds dirty, no?) but seriously she needs to go. Mostly because I really want to see a real picture of her. Can this count as an extra vote for her? Please?

    You're pretty.

    And I agree with Katie, I will beat you both if it's just a picture of that swirly black avatar.

  4. Wow – this is tough! But I think it's fun that I get to be a "flat Stanley" for you! I am happy to virtually attend this shabang with you, so whoever you vote to bring is just fine! I think the neighbor gals need to be invited, too!

  5. Unfortunately, I am ineligible from the get go because since discovering your "Fat Project", blogdangerously's #wineparty and Mommy Wants Vodka's blog (3 of my favs btw) , all I do is sit on my butt, read, eat and drink resulting in a substantial increase in body mass which would NEVER fit on a 12-15" cardboard cutout. I don't care how advanced your photoshop skills!! ;)

  6. I need you to take Adrienne of No Points for Style! I thumbs up-ed it, but this is my extra vote. BUT it has to be a REAL picture of her and not her black and white avatar that I always effing get mixed up with Kris' avatar. If she wins and all I get to see are giant cardboard cutouts of a swirly black logo? I will go ape shit.

  7. I'm not showing my boobs to anyone. No one's done anything awful enough to deserve that. That being said, I would want to see @prettyalltrue @guiltysquid @nopointsforstyle

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  9. For @Doxees @TheNextMartha @TheBloggess' cleave, @TheLovelyButton's knitting needles, and your RT. My dying wish. Not dying, but someday I will.

  10. Ummmm . . . I am weak when someone offers to show me boobs.

    So now? I would like to also vote for My Life in Recipes.

    She is way cute.

  11. I am voting that you take Adrienne of @nostylepoints fame, because she has promised to show me her boobs in exchange for this vote.

    And that's the only reason.

    But it's a good reason.

  12. Ahem. As you are my virtual fairy godmother, it's only appropriate that you take ME. I need need need to meet @shannonrosa, @allthingsfadra, and @l8enough.

  13. I'd want to see Moshe from Moshe's Falafel cart.
    The Director of the MoMA
    and Jason Segel (will he be in NYC that weekend?)
    oh, is that not what yo meant? F it…I'm still going for votes

  14. Ooooo, I would want to see @teammandy, @thebloggess, and you! Also, I would have loved to go, but seeing as I'm a special education teacher, my fiance is laid off and I'm getting married in the spring it just wasn't an option.. Also I think you are amazing :)

  15. Wait, so instead of carrying me around figuratively, you're going to carry a figure of me? So basically the THOUGHT of carrying my ass around in your head was so bad you had to come up with a cardboard backup? Well played, NextMartha, well played.

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