Where O Where do chipmunks go?

Though I am not fond of rabbits I’m not going to do anything to them.

At least not yet.

Chipmunks are another story.  I live trap them.

Once you live trap them you are supposed to take them at least a few miles away.

And I do.

Right to “Caterpillar Womans” front yard.

4 thoughts on “Where O Where do chipmunks go?

  1. You are far more humane than my grandfather. He used to live catch them and then walk them down to the lake at the back of his property and drown them. Not. Kidding. AWFUL.

  2. Oh, my gosh, if your neighbors had any idea of all that you are up to? Oye!

    If I got some chipmunks, do you think they’d control the damn weeds?

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