How much a pound? I’ll make my own.

Ever hear of peppermint bark?

They charge like $45.67 per tiny tin of it around this time of year.

I happen to love it.  The price?  Not so much.

I figured I could make it, and now?

You can too.

(Oh, and this is officially my first recipe I’m sharing on my blog.  Overachiever, I am not.  Mostly. )




White Chocolate

Dark or Milk chocolate or BOTH.  I’m not picky. Are you?

Candy Canes

Parchment paper or wax paper


Note about the chocolate.  I’ve used all kinds.  Chips, bark, bars.  Whatever you like.  

I use the ratio of 2 white to 1 chocolate.

So 2 bags of white chips to one bag of chocolate chips.

Sometimes I even mix dark  chocolate into the milk.  Again. It’s really forgiving. 


How To Do It

Step 1: Cut off a large piece of parchment paper.  About 18 inches. Set on counter

Step 2:  Melt the milk chocolate.  I actually just put it in a regular pot on a LOW flame.  Mix continuously.  Once the milk chocolate is half melted I take it OFF the flame and continue mixing until smooth.

Step 3:  Using an offset spatula (I find this the easiest way to spread evenly) Spread the milk chocolate over the parchment paper until its rather thinly spread

Step 4:  Cool milk chocolate layer.  I live in a cool climate so I slide onto a board and take out to garage for 5 min.  You can also slide into fridge I suppose.

Step 5: Pound candy canes in a bag

Step 6:  Sift out powder from chunks.

Step 7: Check on milk chocolate layer.  If cooled, proceed to next step.  If not cooled, wait. If you do not wait for the milk chocolate layer to cool completely, when you add the white layer, it will melt the milk chocolate layer and they will mix together.  Basically?  Just wait your ass until it’s cooled.  Trust me on this one.

Step 8:  Melt white chocolate.

Step 9: Spread white chocolate over milk chocolate layer a little quicker because you do not want it to melt milk chocolate.  If you keep a nice thicker layer of the white chocolate going, it works best.  This is why there is a 2 to 1 ratio as well.

Step 10:  While the white chocolate layer is still WET sprinkle candy cane chunks evenly.  Then spread candy cane dust evenly.

Wait for the whole thing to cool.   Again, I put in garage for 5 min.  Once cooled, you can break it into “bark.”

Now eat it.

By yourself in the closet with a hot toddy.

Oh, that’s me.


(This also makes a GREAT hostess gift or last minute “Oh crap, I need to make something to bring”  thing)