Who ya gonna tweet? Contest.

Back by popular demand (and by “demand”  I mean none at all) I am running a contest for my Twitter BFF for the day.

Just leave a comment*.

What will you win?

My tweets.  My tweets will all go to you for the day**.

Exciting right?

Listen, I don’t exactly get offers pounding down my door.

This is what I’ve got.

But wait!  That’s not all.

I will also read and respond to all of your tweets.

Twitter BFF’s.

It sounds cuter than it is.


*I don’t expect anyone to enter

**Warning.  I tweet a lot.  I mostly ramble and make no sense.


Winner will be chosen by me printing out all the comments, cutting them into individual slips, crumbing them in a ball, putting them into a basket and then picking one.

Very scientific.