A Gift

You know that feeling after the holidays when you just let out a sigh of relieve it’s all over?  You can finally slow down some, just sit there?  That’s how I feel after Halloween.  Except instead of being able to regroup after the holiday, I roll into cooking Thanksgiving and then finally trip into Christmas.

And it’s not that I don’t enjoy doing it all.   I can explain it by something someone said to me recently;

“Jen, you don’t do anything small do you?”

Best compliment ever.  Also?  Exhausted.

I understand I bring it on myself, but that’s how my brain works.  I love to create.  It’s what sits at the core of my existence.

Sometimes Big Creativity + Time = Screwed Jen.

This year I made a lot of handmade crafts AND turned 40 (Dec 20) so I also had more social engagements than I would normally have this month which left me with less time.

I still had Big Creative Brain Thoughts though.  Damn them.

Come the night of the 23rd and I said something to the effect of needing 100% more cow bell to get done what I needed to.

Melisa responded that she could help me, and that’s how the 24th became a new holiday:  Jew help a Christian day.

If you don’t know Melisa, then let me tell you about this woman I just adore.

I met her online but she lives in the same town as me.  I remember thinking at our first lunch date “I LIKE HER” which is amazing because I tend to not like people.

She’s the kind of person you can invite over when your house is nearly at its worst and she jumps in with no judgment and starts peeling stickers off your floor.  Help you with a craft?  She can do that too.  As a bonus trait, she can read and follow a recipe.


She has enough friends AND sisters now so don’t even think about it.

When she was over, I stopped for a moment to see her in my kitchen working.  Helping me.  I almost started crying because what a great gift she is in my life.

And then I humped her leg.

Thank you Melisa.    (You should read her side of the story too)