Room to Grow

Today we went to kindergarten preview for my younger son.

My youngest son.

My last child to be in this position.

In some ways it’s been 5 million years to get to this point.  A rocky road filled with extended infant colic, state evaluations, allergies, his true Irish temper, and finally blossoming into this amazing loving child.

For me, I survived the colic, the psychosis,  the PTSD.  What followed was the rediscovery of myself, the patience and strength that have grown exponentially.

These events have shaped and made me who I am today.

And even so, I sit there in his future classroom.  Overwhelmed and yet excited for our future.  The challenges that have yet to come.  The unknown.

I know we can do this.  Him and I.  Because we have our past that bonds us through it all.