My TV turned on is fine, Thank You.

This week is “turn off the tv week” at our school or otherwise named “we hate parents week”


“Do you want to earn an EAGLE AWARD?”

“Are you ready to take the challenge?”


Considering the “Eagle Award” is a piece of paper and the challenge means losing my mind?  No thanks.


Now before you get on my case about how kids watch too much tv, don’t.


Until your 3 year old can tell the man at the museum that maybe the space alien is a fish eater like the Pteranodon?  Don’t tell me that tv isn’t the best freaking thing ever to teach my kids the things that frankly, I’m just not going to do.


Let’s not even mention that telling my older son that no tv equals no video games.  This might make him combustible.


That’s one hefty clean up in aisle 2 at school.


Basically, I’m saving the janitor from cleaning up one hell of a mess.


I understand the school is just trying to encourage kids to do different stuff.


Here are some ideas they suggested for us for the week:


Play cards

Listen to the radio

Go fishing


And my favorite: Go bird watching.


Hmm.  Maybe the school should turn off their own tv’s. and study up on the latest technology.   A radio?


So who’s going to do all these things with my kids?  I didn’t see the part where they provided me a sitter all week.


Now *that* I’d sign up for.


So my kids will be watching tv this week.  I expect that other kids are going to be melting down from withdrawals.  I also expect the teachers will notice my kids are even keeled and unusually pleasant.


It’s a win/win.


Now excuse me I’m going go take them up on the idea of “Reading magazines” by myself while Word Girl teaches my kids about “autonomous”