Costumes of Halloween Past

It's not too early to start looking for your costumes.  Really.  The stores that I have visited have them all out.  The online stores are ready. 

Are you?

If you wait too long you're gonna be stuck being a witch.


I have no preference to homemade versus store bought costumes.  I have done both.

If I'm going with pre-made, I generally go the online route and order as early as I can so if I need to modify it I have enough time.  Getting it early also allows me to shop for accessories local.  

I like the following online stores:


Buy Costumes

Costumes Express – I generally find the kids here unless it's something I can find local.  


For handmade costume ideas I like:

Martha Stewart – Unique ideas some easy, some not

The Costume Page – Large list of costumes to make


I always looked forward to wearing whatever costume I had




From top left:  

Knight and Zombie Cheerleader-  I look like I'm grabbing his crotch but I wasn't.  

Super Mustard and Pretzel  – I think most of my salt fell off

Medusa and Roman Emperor 

Wolf and Ice Princess with child

Rapper and Spider Queen – I hand made that crown.  

Mummy and Skeleton – These were Martha Stewart costumes that I copied for both of us


So tell me, what are you going to be this year?