Halloween Class “treat”

Gone are the days where kids have a Halloween party with candy, cupcakes, and other holiday treats.   Our school district has had a no food policy for a number of years now.   Parents have to be a little more creative than throwing 25 tootsie rolls in a bag and calling it a day.

Most kids don’t hand out anything at Halloween in the classroom.  You might get a pencil or stickers.  Since my kids are sort of famous in October for living in “The Halloween House” I treat their classmates with a small token.

It’s also not called a Halloween party, but a Harvest party.  Anything “Halloween” related is discouraged in exchange for fall themed.

Trust me when I say I’d rather hand out this:



But instead will be handing out this:

Class treat_edited-1

My kids love it when their classmates come by to trick or treat, I do too.

Mwaha ha ha ha!