11 things not to say to parents of gifted children.

My son has recently started Jr. high and is in this phase of crazy brain development. It happens periodically and when it does, I truly can not keep up. The stuff that he comes up with is nothing short of mind blowing.When he’s in this phase, it becomes apparent how different he can be from his peers. I know that adults have noticed as well because the following have been said to me and also happen to be the most common misconceptions about gifted children.

1) How did you make your kid so smart?

Um….first I gave birth. Second, I just provided an environment that was open to him exploring and learning on his own.

2) Your kid will be just fine no matter what.


3) Wow, for a kid who is so smart, he sure is emotional.

Trust me. I’m  aware.


4) I’m sure he’ll get a scholarship to college.

Maybe but there’s no guarantee to that.


5) I’m sure he can get into an Ivy League college.

Hahahaha.  Probably not. Also, I don’t even care.


6) Your child probably gets straight A’s.

He gets a lot of them but I really appreciate those other grades that make him pause and evaluate.


7) School must be so easy for him.

In some ways, I would agree but it doesn’t equal success and I’m not impressed with A’s when little effort has been put into them.


8) I’m trying to make my kid gifted too.


9) Your child doesn’t need different instruction.  We’re meeting his needs just     fine.

Based on what evidence?


10) How can your child be gifted if they can barely write their name?

It’s called asynchrony development.


11) Every child is gifted.  

No. They’re not.