Taking a Field Trip Day

I’m currently sitting in the field museum basement by the narwhals writing this on a Wednesday morning.  My son is in class here today.  About 2 weeks ago I saw something pop up on Facebook that I thought my son would enjoy.  It was a guided tour of the Egyptian display at the Field museum designed for 10-14 years old.  Then the following happened:

I show Braden a field trip opportunity to Field Museum to learn about Egypt.

“No thanks” he says

“What? Why not? You love Egypt?”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to go review a bunch of stuff I already know”

“It’s the Field museum, they’re world experts on Egypt. Surely you’ll learn something”

“Then they should have a pre-test to see what you know and then divide you into groups so you don’t have to hear stuff you already know”

And then I laughed because how do you argue that?

After looking at the dates and realizing that it was on a Wednesday and not a Saturday I told him that he would miss school that day.

He was on board.

This program is really designed for kids who are home schooled. Specifically, it’s for gifted kids.  I didn’t think twice about pulling him from his public school to do this.  How often does he get to be with a group of like minded kids discussing a topic that he has a high interest in?

I’m sure his school might feel differently.  I know they discourage taking your child out for vacations, though that happens all the time.

I’ve come to a point in his education that I realize traditional school is somewhat limited in topics. Also, for him to really explore various topics to the depth he enjoys, outside experiences like this must take place.

Having a child who has a high thirst for information sometimes means doing things a bit differently.  I’m already looking into other programs like this that he can participate in.

I feel as though the experience today will be something he remembers years from now.  Maybe it will inspire him (even more).  Maybe challenge his mind to information he didn’t know before.

Maybe make him realize that he actually doesn’t know everything about everything.


I can’t wait to hear how it goes.