Things I’m NOT doing for Blogher


I’m not trying to lose weight.  I’m not.  I briefly thought about it in March and then quickly consumed a Chocolate Long John.   The size I am is the size I am.  Hope you can accept that.


I’m not trying to over-promote myself.   I appreciate that some people use their blogs as a platform or as a career.  I’m not.  For me it’s a hobby and not even on my top 5 list of hobbies.  I love meeting the people behind their blogs.  The people are my draw.  I’m not there to try to win brands over so I can review some window steam cleaner.   Steam cleaners don’t make me smile.  Ever.


I’m not changing my blog before I go.  I know some people are spiffing theirs up, changing things around, making it more visual appealing.  Again, I think that’s great.  It’s just not me.  What you see here is what you’ll get on any average day. 


I’m not setting up posts before I go.  Let’s be honest, I’m not known as the “frequent poster” anyways.  Why start now. 


I’m NOT getting a haircut.  After what happened last year?  Lesson learned.


I’m not buying clothes that aren’t me.  Last year I got caught up in some of the hype.  I have 2 dresses that I haven’t worn since then.  Though I may buy a few things, they’re going to fit into my everyday life.  I’m also not buying clothes that require under garment bondage.   Between praying to the latex gods that they aren’t rolling up on my thighs to having bathroom fights with them every time I pee?  No thanks. 


I’m not going with a closed mine.  I will meet people from all walks of earth.  Each of them has a story.  Their story is important.  If I get to hear a few new ones this year, I’ll be the lucky one.