Chicagolands Biggest Martha Stewart Fan Right Here

I really want to go to the Oprah show featuring Martha Stewart. I think that I need to provide a little more proof that I am worthy. Oprah, you out there? (Or her people since I know she’s got plenty of those) It should be noted that all those magazines and books behind me were not even the whole collection. I know. It might be time for a Martha Stewart Hoarder Intervention which I’m sure Oprah can pull off if she gets me on her show. Hint Hint.

So I can’t make Fried Corn Balls, what’s new.

Ever wonder where creamed corn comes from and what one actually cooks with it? Creamed corn is my reference food for anything that comes out of the pantry. Not sure why. So a few nights ago @hockeymandad mentioned that you can make creamed corn taste good in the form of balls. Corn Balls. FRIED Corn Balls.

Since I was about due for my midnight snack, what better than to make some right then and there?

At this point I must have pushed mute b/c the rest of the video is silent. I took a picture of the results. Needless to say they didn’t turn out how I thought.

Broken Ball Bits and Burnt Ball