Say my Name, Fondant

My birthday is in December.  The 20th in fact.  Though I’m sure my parents tried the best they could, I never really felt like my birthday was MY DAY, ya know?  Between Christmas shopping to be done and just general holiday craziness, that day always felt like an afterthought.   Now that I have my own kids ( that I specifically planned around the holidays, sort of )  I make sure they feel like it’s their day.

This year I saw something on Pinterest for Valentine’s Day and adapted it for his birthday.  He really liked reading the things I wrote and instead of tearing through it, he crept under it all.








Another thing I do is to have them pick their menu for the day.  I print it up and place it on the table where they sit.  I also decorate their space for the day.








Then there’s the decorating of his backpack and lunchbox.





Then there’s the cake.


Every year I say I’m going to go with a store bought cake, and sometimes I do as long as I can find one that fits his character love for the moment.

And when I can’t?  I make them.

And when I make them?  I think I’ve lost my mind EVERY time.

Skylanders is my son’s current obsession.  If your kids haven’t heard of them?  You’re lucky.  It’s a relatively new craze and the party emporiums have yet to come out with party stuff for them. So that left me making the cake this year.

This cake  ::grabs depends::







I mean really?  How the eff am I going to go about making that?  I only deal with frosting.  The soft stuff.

Anything stiff scares me.  Like fondant.

Yet, I don’t think I could make this look good at all unless I used fondant.

So…..I did.

I used fondant for the first time ever.  I fondanted today.  And I tweeted as I did.


I bought fondant and as I read the directions I am seeing 2 too many “Sold separately” items that I don’t have.

You know that thing that’s like “I’ve never worked with fondant but how hard could it be?” feeling? I’m at that point. #StayTuned


If you ever decide to work with fondant, you should ask yourself first “Do I REALLY love myself?”


I’m about 5,365 viewings of the @Charm_CityCakes show short of being able to deal with fondant.


Dear fondant, I’ve toilet trained two cats and 2 children in my life. I WILL OWN YOU.

That’s right fondant. Say my name.


I conquered fondant like it’s my birthday.



Happy 9th Birthday Braden.

You are totally worth it.  All.

Kid Shorts

I’m more likely to tweet about my kids than I am to write about them. I guess I generally don’t have full on stories about them. Or really, maybe it’s because I’m a mom who is home 24/7 so if I’m on the computer it’s finally something that’s not all about them.

This week there have been a few cute and funny stories so I thought I’d share.

It’s mostly for me to remember though so don’t feel bad for clicking BACK right about now.


I decided that the number of lights on at our house at any given time is out of control. Some of it is the kids fault, some of it is the adults. Ahem.


I decided that we would all get a cup with 10 dimes in it. If one of us catches someone leaving a light on, whoever left the light on would owe that person a dime.

I was upstairs and my four year old was going from room to room. I was distracted so I asked what he was doing and he said “I’m just doing a house inspection for lights, you owe me a dime.” as he turns off my bathroom light.

Needless to say, it’s working.


We haven’t had a pet in a few years. We had a cat that died and just haven’t committed to replace him. My younger son was about 2 when the cat died so I’m not entirely sure he even remembers the cat we had.

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t because I was in the kitchen today, I glanced over at him.

He was at the fruit bowl “petting” the apples and oranges and saying “Good apple, good orange.”


A neighborhood kid stopped by to play with my older son.
He didn’t want to go out so I was coercing him and I finally said

“Will you just go out to play, she looks lonely”

His response: “Hey, we’ve all got our problems to deal with”


My older sons birthday is this week and it’s been pretty rough on my younger son. He is super competitive and wants to have his birthday NOW as well. He insisted on picking out toys for his birthday. You know. The one that is in JUNE? I handed him the toys r us flyer. I then overhead the following conversation:

Tegan (4) was at the kitchen table with Braden (9)

T: I’m going to circle this toy. Braden do you think I’ll like it?

B: I think that’s for babies Tegan

T: But I like it. I can put stuff inside and no one can get me

B: But it’s for babies, is that what you want?

T: Yes, then I can play in there with all my toys, like a fort.

B: Tegan, listen, that is a baby toy. You don’t want that.

T: (getting mad walks up to me with paper in hand) Mommy, will I like this toy?

Me: Probably not, but it looks like a great idea anyways.















And then there’s this:


























This is my warm up post. This weekend I’m auditioning for the Chicago location of Listen to Your Mother.

Wish me luck.

The $26 Post

I’m currently sitting at an indoor bounce house playground.  I tried to take my children to the zoo but you would have thought that it was the “museum of matching socks” by their reaction to it.  My older son then fandangled my younger son into wanting to come here.  They chose this for their last summer hurrah.  For $20, I get to sit here with a laptop with my iPod in my ears and write a post instead of walking through stinky animal houses.  My kids are geniuses. 


Wait, that means this post is costing me $20……whatever.  I’m like a stuck possum that just wanted to eat that peanut butter in the chipmunk trap.




I have a hard time with these sorts of places.  It really is the worst sort of environment for my ADD and sensory issues.  The lights, the noise, the bigger than life blow up coconuts….just walking in the door makes me want to take a knife to the pirate ship bouncy. 

Ahoy mates…. your bouncy is now flat, now go home.



The pirate boat happens to be my younger son’s favorite so maybe I should go after coconut island first.   It’s for the 3 and under crowd and they look like they could use a nap anyways. 


I’ve noticed that since I was last here they have added a “gift grab.”  This is great because all of our kids need more little plastic whistles in their lives.  As I look around I see that the subtitle of this place is “Home of the Dollar Sucker Uppers.”


My kids just ran by.  I said hi.  It’s the least I can do while I mostly ignore them.  Also, there are other parents near.  I’m going to use this as my “involved parent” moment. 


My kid is climbing some blow up dinosaur and leaping off its head.  He technically should not be in the coconut island right now since he’s 4 and it’s for 3 and under.  Someone should really tell him to stop that. Or take a knife to the island.**


Laptop battery just died.  Luckily for me that this place also has massage chairs that plug in.  Well.  One of them is plugged in.  The other is supporting this post.  They charge me $20, I take their power too.


Um. A guy just sat down next to me and is actually paying for a massage chair.  Really dude?   I should unplug his too.  Then I could watch him go to the counter and say “It stopped working, I want my $1 back.”  That would amuse me. 


Snack time.  Now this post is costing me $26


  Just noticed this sign by the chairs.  It doesn’t say anything about borrowing power and I’m not sure if typing is technically lounging.  Fine.  I don’t have anything else to say right now anyways. 


Who brought a Swiss army knife with them?

We should probably leave now.


** It’s empty so I’m not being a total jerk.