About Me

Oh.  Hi there.  My name is Jen.

Not Martha?  No.  But I’m the next one anyways.

I started this blog to document all the things I do that are Martha Stewart inspired.

Like Gardening.

And Halloween.

And basically kicking ass.

I’ve been known to write random and infrequently as well.   I’m not what you call a daily blogger.  Go ahead and subscribe.  I won’t be the one filling up your reader.

I also have 15 years of Martha Stewart magazines saved.

Yes.  You read that correctly.  I’m sure at some point you’ll see me on TLC Hoarders ” The Martha Stewart edition.”

These magazines have inspired some good, some bad and some down right wrong.   This woman has got her grips on me pretty tight.   I can’t even walk passed one of her “specials” magazines without tripping on my eyeballs while handing over $19.95 at the register.


Why does she make tie dyed doilies look so awesome?

Who can resist braiding  their own pine needle wreaths?

Blow glass?  Sure just fire up the grill.


I also have ADD.  Put this combo together and sometimes you make beautiful things happen and other times, well, you just make a mess.

I love a project.  If it’s something I haven’t done before, even better.  I’m also really good at the first 90% of that project.  Tape still around the door knob?  Yep.  Just the very corner needs to be touched up?  Yep again.  I’m sort of the Queen of 90%.



–I like to take on multiple projects. Finishing them is not my main concern.

–I can work a jig saw, band saw, compound miter saw and a drill press.  I’m pretty damn handy as long as I don’t have to finish the project.

–I’m pretty honest.  Don’t ask me if your boobs look like Niagra falls in that shirt.

–Sometimes I should not be let out in public. Ok, it’s most time.

When I’m not here I’m mostly on Twitter.  And Pinterest.  Or filling up my coffee cup.  I got things to do and not finish people.




  1. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please stop by and check it out here: http://wakeuptired.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/very-inspiring-blogger-award/
    XOXO, Michele

  2. truthfullydotca says:

    I just stumbled across your blog. Really enjoying it. I'm the least Martha-Stewarty. Ever. Well, I knit, but not well. I'm killer at interior fridge decoration. I guess there's that, too.

    Keep writing and I'll keep reading. We shook on it. I swear we did.
    My recent post trial by pee

  3. You are awesome. I don't do projects, but I like to stand behind those who do and cheer them on. You are hilarious, and I'm glad I found you. :)

  4. OMG I think you are my lost twin. serisouly! Love the blog! Can't wait to follow!

  5. Me too. I thought it was OCD??

  6. mommy used to be so pretty says:

    Another ADD/ADHD mom?! Hurray! That’s so…hey…what’s that making that noise over there? I should google noisemakers, maybe I could make those and sell them, maybe I should be a professional party planner, maybe I should go back to school!…wait, what?

  7. You are SO my kind of girl!!

  8. condosbycanning says:

    You are so refreshing! SO happy to have found your blog.

  9. Alexandra174 says:

    Ah! I'm so happy to meet my twin….I thought I was the only one trying to make it in suburbia…so far, not working.
    found you through jessica bern… so glad to be here, so I can feel normal.

  10. Peas in a pod, Jen, peas in a pod!! You rock!

  11. I just found this! I am so excited you started this blog!

  12. Is your dish detergent housed in an etched glass bottle with a silver pouring spout? Once a babysitter thought mine was olive oil, oops! Thanks Martha, for that!

    • It totally used to be. Then I added vegetable wash and hand soap and it became too cluttered. I now house all three in one of those shower dispensers that I have mounted on the outside of the cabinet above my sink. I press the button and the soap falls right into the sink. It's a little genius.

    • Amanda G. says:

      *sigh* I did this too. My dad cooked mushrooms in Dawn detergent on one visit. They weren't as tasty as they sound.

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