Sanctibloggers are Annoying too

I’m not big on writing against other speak pieces because I generally don’t care enough.

But this has reached the “annoyed me for 3 days” point so here it is.

I recently read a piece by someone who claimed mommy blogs suck and then presented all the reasons why.

strong women

My first thought was, so you admitted to be part of the imaginary online “problem” and have now changed your tune to becoming the “good kind” of blogger. Good on you.

But you know what? Who cares.

Who cares if someone buys hosting, a url, builds a WordPress site and then decides to solely write about the newest razor!!!  diaper pail!!! or gluten free cookie!!! all sent to them for free, natch.

How does that affect your life directly? It’s a click on the X. Try it.

And to those who attend every blogging conference wanting to grow their site, pimp products, all while shoving toilet wands into their purse at the same time? Rock on.

Sure, those people can be cringe worthy, but so is someone who takes the time to point them out as a problem. And I GET that I have written pieces doing such, but they are an attempt at humor towards the whole event, not mean spirited.

And, I’m aware these words can also be considered “part of the mommy blogger problem”

My point is this; until you pay someone’s hosting fees, secure their url, design their site, stop with the judgement and take a seat on your internet/blog rules.

There’s room for everyone.

Maybe there’s a single mom who uses those review/give away sites in hopes to win stuff for her family she couldn’t otherwise afford.

You judging now?


P.S. I don’t care if my blog sucks or if no one is reading it.

I know, shocking.

I do care about grammar so let me know about any typos.

5 thoughts on “Sanctibloggers are Annoying too

  1. I know I’ve had my own sanctimonious periods, I cringe just thinking about it. Usually it was when I had some seriously stupid shit going on and I was just being catty because I couldn’t do anything about my shitty situation. I’d like to say I grew up and don’t do it anymore, but I probably still slip from time to time. My hope is that when I do, friends like you call me out on that shit. Because seriously, we are awesome at tearing ourselves down, we don’t need any help. I’m trying really hard to always be supportive of what people are working on, regardless of whether or not it’s my cup of tea. Thank you for sharing this <3

    And seriously, keep calling that shit out! Even if it ever manages to be me :)

  2. Yeah, I don’t care what you blog about. I don’t read things that don’t interest me. You’re entitled to do what works for you and I’m entitled to click the x.

    The only time I’m bothered is when bloggers heavily use affiliate links that embed cookies. I’m not so bothered by a blogger making .15 off me because I liked their scarf, clicked their link and bought it but I don’t like that if I click their link to gap today, they still get affiliate money if I shop at gap next week. It’s smarmy.

  3. Part of me wants to say everyone is entitled to an opinion. But it really sounds like this person is jealous that they aren’t getting the free stuff to review. Because really? Unless you’re a mommy, why would you read a mommy blog full of product reviews?

    Now if a blog you used to enjoy reading suddenly become full of useless (to you) reviews of diaper pails, I could see being a little annoyed and writing a comment. But to say all mommy blogs are a problem because a few are annoying? Is just wrong

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