Halloween 2015

I’m >thisclose< to being set up for Halloween. This year I decided to stray away from building things with motors since the last few years weather has kept them inside.

Instead, I decided to build a few things like this spider-man-thing. I don’t even know either.  Those hands are made out of glue sticks that I cut up and then attached to wire. The body is mostly pvc except a few skeleton parts I used for ribs and hips.


I had purchased the 2 smaller faceless ghosts but built the big middle one.

I love the way it turned out even if it was a a pain to work

with all that cheese cloth to make it look good.


I had that rat-man head for a few years.

This year I made it a body and he’s having a rat roast.

rat man

I lit the house with green this year and all the inside windows glow purple.



It’s really too bad I don’t keep this up year round.

Ok, I actually did keep those zombie hands up from last year


I have more to show but not now because I’m about to open my 3rd bag of candy corn.


2 thoughts on “Halloween 2015

  1. It all looks so great! We are just getting in to outdoor decorating because we live on a street now that actually gets trick or treaters. I’m doing an orange/spider theme for the front windows/porch. It’s my first theme attempt. Yay October!

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