Back to School, Time to Paint!

I love to paint.

Anyone who knows me knows that I often have a painting project in the works or in the very near future.

My trader joes cart inside the next door Sherwin Williams. I am the suburban mom stereotype.

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I’m down to fine detailing on the stairs project. What’s next? A photo posted by Jen TheNextMartha (@thenextmartha) on

Door: Watery SW 6478

This summer we had our house painted, our porch rebuilt, and put in a new front door!

June 15 109

House:  Retreat SW 6207

Trim: Alabaster SW 7008

Door: June Day SW 6682

Sherwin Williams loved the yellow door so much that they asked to feature it in their #SWColorLove campaign.  You should check that out to get some great ideas.

They also gave me a $100 gift card to give away to someone!

The kids are in school so let’s get our paintbrush on!  Check out Sherwin Williams on pinterest for inspiration and enter below to win.

Just leave a comment to be entered. Winner will be chosen Sept. 1.




I don’t work with companies much because they typically have very specific things they want YOU to do for THEM on your own site. I like my own words and this post reflects that. Sherwin Williams paint is the paint I already use so this was a no brainer for me to promote and I wasn’t paid for these words, but you will be so enter!

31 thoughts on “Back to School, Time to Paint!

  1. I hate decorating. I have no eye for anything except a basketball net. But us non-creative types needs us some paint too!!

  2. We’re in the process of re-doing the whole house so this would certainly help. I love your house pictures,esp. The yellow door;it’s my favorite color!:)

  3. I’d like to paint my front door a deep purple. I think it will make the rest of the burgundy house siding look much better!

  4. Your house looks amazeballs. And who doesn’t need paint! I hope I win. Although my house will still look nowhere near as awesome as yours ;)

  5. You’re so good with colors anyway. I love the way the door turned out! (Also I don’t currently need paint as much as someone else might so don’t count this comment in the giveaway…just wanted to pipe in! ;) )

  6. YES. My laundry room is horrific. We moved here 6 years ago and that’s the only room we haven’t painted. Would love to win!

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