Half Bath Wall Texture DIY

Home projects seem to snowball don’t they?

We were having wood flooring installed on our first floor. This meant that the kitchen flooring ,some sort of laminate, was getting ripped up. This same flooring happened to also ran into a half bath.

No worries, I‘ll just run the new wood flooring into the bathroom I thought.

I had friends and plumbers insist that this was a bad idea.

Water and wood are not great friends it seems. Considering the flooring in the bathroom was already buckled due to a toilet leak, I reluctantly gave in and decided to do tile.

And we know how that story goes….

If you decide to change out the flooring then you’ll want a new vanity.

If you decide to get a new vanity, then you’ll want a new light fixture.

If you decide to get a new light fixture, then you’re going to want to paint.

If you paint your bathroom then you now have a snowball project.

Before Snowball

This bathroom is pitifully small. I wanted something to make it a little more unique than the small rectangle that it was. I decided a texture on the back wall would add visual interest.

I had fallen in love with these type of wall tiles but once I priced out a 4×8 wall it was about $150.

I knew I wanted texture but didn’t want it for that much and honestly those tiles were thicker than I wanted to take off from the room dimensions.

So. Hmm.

How do I get texture that is cheap and preferably not permanent that would cause damage to wall.

Wait a second.

I have the answer.


“How do you always make it about Halloween,Jen, you might be asking”

Stay with me here.


4×8 Sheet of polystyrene.  $15.00 (I use this to make tombstones)

Dremel tool OR a wood burning tool

Heat gun (if using Dremel)



I knew I wanted to sort of copy this pattern that was in the light fixture I had picked out.

Light Inspiration for Wall Texture

Wall Texture DIY

And then I used the heat gun to smooth out the rough edges

Wall Texture DIY


 I then installed it and since I cut it pretty close to wall size, I just sort of shoved it in place. Next I painted and caulked the edges along existing walls.

Wall Texture DIY

So, how cool is that?

Patterns are endless on this project and I love the end result.

  Wall Texture DIY

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