What October 1st looks like here…


Many people think I start setting up way earlier than I actually do. Sure, sometimes I set up the inside of my house in September (not this year) but mostly I start the outside set up on the 1st weekend in Oct.


Maybe, but once it’s set up, it needs to be managed. Weather being a big factor in how much effort it takes everyday. Most of my electronic stuff can not be put out this early, though I do try and have it out and on on the weekends.

So what does my house look like today?  It starts in the attic, where I store most of Halloween.  If I’m being honest, it’s in almost every room inside my house as well, but the bulk of it is here.


And this is what my living room looks like today:







Scared?  Me too but maybe not for the same reason.

Halloween is mostly a one person gig around here.  Me.  I love it but at this starting point, it’s hard not to feel a little overwhelmed at the monumental self imposed task at hand.

So I eat some candy corn, grab a skull, and get my haunt on.  I typically don’t blog too much about Halloween but I’m going to make an effort this year to.  Probably.  So come back and when you do, bring me a PSL will ya?  Thanks.

4 thoughts on “What October 1st looks like here…

  1. I’m also a one (wo)man show and a bit overwhelmed at the moment. The yard decorating starts for me tomorrow! Can’t wait to see all the updates.

  2. I love how you go all out for Halloween – Princess Nagger wants to know if she can come stay at your house until after Halloween, since your house and decor are way cooler than what we’ll be doing this weekend. ;)

  3. Can’t wait to pull down my Halloween stuff as well :) I have some weekends free this month too, so happy to come over and help out one day if you need it. I’ll be taking it a bit easier this month since I’m not having my own Halloween party for once. All my decorating will be outside, except for my Halloween village. I’ll finally get to put it up this year!!

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