Avoiding the Big GS.

Every year around this time the garage becomes my Halloween workshop.  To make this happen, I have a yearly ritual in which I clean out the garage.   It tends to also be the gardening workshop, the wood workshop, the painting workshop, and doll storage. This year after getting it in pretty good shape, I ended up having some stuff that seemed too good to be thrown to the curb.

I decided to sell it online because I’d do anything to avoid doing the Big GS.

Garage Sale


I listed them on our local “online yard sale.”  It’s a lot like craigslist but more specific to the city I live in.

And then I’ll use the money to buy Halloween stuff!

See how that works?

On the selling list:

An air conditioner- $70

A tricycle- $10

A scooter- $20

Wicker furniture (4 pieces) – $45

6 metal patio chairs with cushions- $50

Within minutes of me listing the items I had messages.

I immediately thought that this was the best thing ever invented!


I start the correspondence and that’s when I started dropping exclamation points from my feelings.

Someone responds about the 6 chairs with the subject line that says

“GREAT Deals!!”

And when I open the message it says- will you take $20 for the chairs?”


I have multiple people interested in the air conditioner. It’s only a few years old and the only reason we’re getting rid of it is because our windows don’t support a window unit that well.  We have central air and this was a unit just for our one son’s room that really heats up in the summer.  It worked and new cost $179.

“Hi, I’m interested in the air conditioner, will you take $60 for it?”

“No. I’ll take $70 because I have 3 others interested” And I did.

“Ok then, when can I come by to get it?”

He shows up and then after plugging it in and it works says “Will you take $65”

::blank stare::

Listen asshole. The price was pre agreed upon. This isn’t make a deal day.

“No, we agreed on $70 and if you don’t want it that’s fine”

He takes it, pays the $70 and I put my torch down.

My stuff is getting some decent looking traffic and I get another message later.

“Hi, I’m interested in the wicker couch, are there any holes?”

Now, I did give the option of buying the pieces separately so that didn’t annoy me.

“No, there are no holes or obvious flaws, if you would like I can email you a few pictures of it closer up.”

I send the pictures and then she replies:

“Can I come by and look at it?”

And this is where I get annoyed.

A)    The loveseat is $15.

B)    I sent you pictures

You want to come here to INSPECT it?

I don’t think so lady but you know what IS worth $15?

You coming here to inspect it and when you get here it’s on fire on my front lawn.

wicker on fire

And then there are the people who say they’re coming to buy something….and then don’t.

What. Is. That.

At least I’m not having a garage sale. Pretty sure I’d have to have a fire truck on standby to put out the stuffed animal roman candle I’d be blowing off into the neighborhood.

I don’t deal well with negotiating down nickels either.

4 thoughts on “Avoiding the Big GS.

  1. This is why I can’t even do that much. I call for a Purple Heart pickup and just get rid of it all.

    Jesus. People are the fucking worst.

    Not you, though. Obvs.

  2. You are so funny. Aren’t people fabulous? The same type of wonderful folks who hassle volunteers or roll their eyes at the cost of cupcakes at a charity bake sale. And you are spot on about GS because they are total BS – far better by that point to simply donate it, unless you are really in need of spare change.

  3. Funny thing is, I’m thinking, “Hmm, I’ve always wanted a wicker furniture set, and the kids who play at our house would LOVE a tricycle”. David would probably murder me for bringing more stuff home though, LOL. And yeah, Craigslist is about the same, you’d think your local group would have been less, well, weird and annoying. I started putting in clauses that said “no haggling at the door, and no help loading it up or getting it home either”. Has anyone asked you that yet, if you can load it into their car or deliver? If they do say “sure, my rate is $100 an hour” ::)

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