Blogher Bingo

I will not be at blogher (a women’s blogging conference) this year even though I have gone the last four years.

It’s nothing personal. I just needed 3ft dolls more than I needed to learn about SEO.

Now that the conference is nearing, the chatter is beginning to heat up. I was starting to feel left out so I thought I could play along with Blogher Bingo.

Maybe you’re not going and want to play too.

Log onto twitter, facebook, instagram, google+, and youtube, from July 24 – 26 and follow the #’s:






If you are going, you can play too.  Just make sure you text me the photo of the square that you are filling. It’s only fair. _________________________________________________________________

If you’re going to tell me that professional bloggers don’t write things like this, you’re late to that game.

I suppose if I was a professional blogger, this would be sponsored and I would have a giveaway. Guess I learned nothing in those 4 years.

*A swagon is a wagon/suitcase rolling device that one might roll behind them as they stuff STUFF into it.  Swag-wagon.  My friend Lookieboo came up with that term and it could not be more perfect.

I’d love if blogher did a swagon parade on Sunday morning, like, float style.

I’d totally book a flight now for that.

Think of the DIY bloggers blogher.



9 thoughts on “Blogher Bingo

  1. Lucky for me, I don’t follow anyone who is probably going or that would write about any of that crap. I’m proud to say I’ve never “Squeed” in my life. ;)

  2. People wear multiple scarves??? Why do they not die of heat stroke? I have never witnessed this phenomenon. I’ll be on the lookout. Then, of course, I’ll take a picture and send it to you. It will be an ordinary camera photo as I own no camera lenses, obnoxious or otherwise.

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