The Next Target Christmas Champ

If you haven’t seen these commercials, here’s a shovel for the rocks.

They’re hilarious, obnoxious, and well, a little like me.

So I’ve been told.

I think we know this was bound to happen…..

You can see more of the real deal HERE.


So it was around 7:00 pm that I was poking around online and stumbled upon Target’s site where I read about this contest of sorts.

Dress up as the “Christmas Champ” and show up to Target. Fifty people would win a $500 gift card.


I was already going there to get a movie that was on sale and dressing up as her was only going to add to the complete crazy that was going to be my night anyways.

Wow. Long sentence much? It’s almost 2am. Cut me some slack.


I dress up, show up there around 10:40 or so.

Run up and start screaming “You ready for the Target 2 day sale?” to the crowd lined up.

Sure, people thought I was nuts.

I got in line and realized I had no idea how this contest worked and the workers there didn’t seem to know anything about it.

By the time I started stalking @Target (duh) I nearly missed their first contest.

I didn’t win.

But then I got on the second one right away.


You read that right.

I won a $500 Target gift card.

Still look silly in the checkout line?

Yes. But also, $500 richer.

30 thoughts on “The Next Target Christmas Champ

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  2. I share your views on "why not?" and no employees here or anyone for that matter knew anything about the contest! I won, too, but still have not received my gift card! Have you gotten yours? I thought the contest said cards would be mailed the week following Black Friday….

    • No, I have not received my gift card yet. I'm not entirely clear if it was this Christmas or NEXT Christmas they were sending it for. I got a gift from the Christmas Champ that came in 5 days which indicates they have the ability to mail stuff out.

      • I was told gift cards got mailed this past Tuesday, but mine has still not arrived….hmmmm…..guess I shouldn't have counted on buying gifts with it for a bunch of local kids in foster care! Yikes, I may be using my out-of-pocket $$ for that and then grocery shopping at Target with my winnings when the card finally arrives!

  3. OK. I love Target. Like more than my first born. And the commercials. That lady makes me laugh, and is SO right in her nuttiness. However. You went above and beyond and I'm totally stoked you won. Go. you.
    My recent post And then…

  4. You are awesome. I took my kids and nieces and nephew who are here for a sleepover out midnight shopping. (Their ages range from 10-14 and I had their parents' permission. We showed up to Target around 12:15 only to see a line wrapped around the building. We turned to Plan B; a trip to Carson's where I heard many comments about kids being out late (they are all small for their age) and witnessed a woman vomiting in the store. Don't think that caused her friend to skip out of the checkout line. Anyway, then we headed back to Target and walked right in the doors. We got home a few minutes ago and I forbid them from showing their faces again before 10 AM! It was a fun, crazy night, but I'm never doing this again.
    Maybe for $500, though. Wait, now that you blogged this, your family is going to expect great gifts from you!

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