Introducing My Tombstones

Martha Stewart first inspired me to make some tombstones for my yard.   That was nearly 10 years ago.  At the time, it was a sheet of styrofoam, some paint, and voila!   I had a number of these plain, blank type of tombstones before I wanted something more.  I searched on the internet and found people doing the most amazing things with styrofoam tombstones.

And you know what?

I wanted them.

I put a lot of time looking for just the right shape to go with just the right epitaph.

I’ve even held epitaph contests last year and this year.

Then there’s the time I put into making them.  It’s more time than I should probably admit.

There are probably over a dozen ways to make these, but this is how I do them and though it takes time, I am happy with the results.

Though I still have the original blank ones that I use in the back of the display, the following are front and center.

(If you click on the first one, it will go through a slide show)

TIME TO DIE:  This is a working clock and pendulum.

VACANCY:  For this tombstone I use a string of red xmas lights that I have poked through the letters.  I also have these lights plugged into a special effects plug and the lights fade on and off.  Great effect.

LET ME OUT!:  For this tombstone I used the Martha Stewart multipurpose glow in the dark paint**.  Once I realized that this paint was black light reactive, I knew I was going to work it into the display.  This is in the darker part of my yard and I have two (lemax brand) battery operated black lights shooting up on it.


**I was sent a box of beautiful Martha Stewart Paint products that are made by Plaid.  This will not be the first time I mention them.  Though I was not charged for the products, I love them and would not steer you wrong.  I’m sure you already know that though.

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