Pinterest inspired Halloween decor

By now, I’m sure you get it.

I’m completely powerless to the creativity of Pinterest.


At least it’s not just me sitting around all day.

I’m actually putting  some of that inspiration to work.

I had the following pinned on my Halloween board.





And this is how I incorporated the ideas onto my kitchen side buffet:



I made the ghost out of iron on sizing material.

You can get it by the yard wherever they sell fabric.

I left the middle open so I could put Halloween goodies there on a platter.










I made the glass trio using this tutorial.

I already had the candle holders that I mounted $3 glass containers onto.








I printed out the xrays just from Googling images.

If it happens to be your foot, let me know and I’ll give you credit.







Side Note:  That “buffet” is actually an old dresser that a friend of mine was throwing out.  It was a dark brown varnished piece.  I knew a fresh coat of light paint, new hardware and a tile top could make it fabulous.  I love it.


  1. Any chance you can post a tutorial on how to do the glass trio? The link no longer exists.

  2. I need some Halloween inspiration. My husband is less than enthusiastic about decorating. Meh.

  3. I absolutely love it! With my son at school I have no decorations :(

  4. nice job! I've wanted to do those glass jar canisters for a while but can't seem to get around to it. Oh how I love pinterest!

    Dropping by via Brooklyn Limestone. Will also be doing a guest post next week!
    My recent post {Font Friday}

  5. I think I want that tree. Seriously.

  6. I love all your ideas and pinterest board! I found you via Brooklyn Limestone. Glad to find another crafter that is in love with all things Halloween. I can't wait to read your guest post next week! :)
    My recent post Painted Frames & Dollar Store Gortraits

  7. My love for you knows no end! And yes, I would like credit for my foot xray ;P

  8. I am TRYING to actually do things that I say I'm going to do, from Pinterest – and it took someone else doing it for me to do it. I'm working on the whole print out of xrays. I guess it's one thing to pin it and another to hear it won't involve taking my fingerprints off with a glue gun to put me into action. Thanks/
    My recent post What is in a name?

  9. That is really cool. Can you come do my house?

  10. Love it all! Can't wait to see the rest of the decorations. Also, love that idea on the buffet/dresser.

  11. Oh, how my kids wish they were yours right now.

    Love your new avi for the holiday season, too.


  12. Love it! I dragged all of the Halloween decorations out of that attic last week & this is totally motivating me to do more than stare at them & hope they magically unpack themselves.
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday: Then & Now

  13. PolPrairieMama says:

    How adorably spooky! Wish I could do stuff like that at my house :)

  14. ljgoldner says:

    Damn, yo, i love it! Kudos.

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